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A custom module, a modified module, and a thousand years of darkness upon the Earth.

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  1. John
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    18 Feb 2008
    22 Apr 2008
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    Dear Sitefinity 3.2sp1,

    First of all, let me say Sitefinity is a wonderful system - congratulations to all involved. 

    For my particular needs - I do have a few small questions though..

    First, my name is Sven the Impaler, and I am an evil undead vampire working in a long abandoned castle in the deepest darkest Translvanian mountains.  I'm planning on rolling out my current project - Project Armageddon - in Q3 of this year. 

    In order to achieve my key deliverable of Destroying the World and Everything In It, I've decided to use the Sitefinity platform (v3.2sp1).

    My first problem is that I need to create a custom module - the Giant Death Ray Module - which will slot in alongside the invaluable Newsletters.  This module will be usd to control, and eventually fire the immense lazer-turrent I've recently had installed on the roof of my castle.  Connecting this module to Events could a bonus, but since I'm only really planning on one Big Event, it's not a must-have.  Mobile access would be a great - especially through my Blackberry.  Can I do that with .NET?

    I'm not much of a programmer myself, having died almost a thousand years ago and spent much of the intervening time stalking these dread halls.  Igor, my hunchbacked apprentice dabbled in a little VB back in the eighties though - is there perhaps a book I could order on Amazon, to help him brush up on his skills?

    Also, I need to modify an existing module.  While the ability to store Images and Documents is very useful, I find that my core assets are less tangible.  Can I create a custom library for Nameless Terrors? 

    I could copy an existing library, I suppose - but how do I remove the name field?
    Finally - and this is really the most important issue - I have read that Sitefinity runs on Windows machines.  This is a problem for me, since the power supply in my haunted Translvanian ruin (haunted for other people that is - I like to call it home) is inconsistent at best - being mostly provided by timely bolts of lightning.  Given this, I find Windows unstable for practical use, and have adopted the more robust Limux platform, which tends to not melt as much.  Is it possible to run Sitefinity on Linux?

    Yours in confusion,

    Sven the Impaler & Igor
  2. Georgi
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    28 Oct 2016
    25 Apr 2008
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    Hello John,

    Thank you for your nice words about our CMS.

    1. A custom module - something between Newsletter and Event module
    It is possible to create such module, because Sitefinity exposes the APIs for all of its modules. Using these APIs, you could develop something that takes the functionality of both modules.

    2. Mobile Access
    Asp.Net platform is always trying to serve the content as friendly with the user browser as possible. This means that a Asp.Net application could work with mobile devices browsers. In addition, there is a Microsoft Mobile Internet Toolkit (known also as Asp.Net mobile controls) which allows you to build mobile Web applications by enabling ASP.NET to deliver markup to a wide variety of mobile devices. Sitefinity can work with such controls.

    3. Books or Guidances
    Any literature about programming ASP.NET 2.0 application would be helpful. I have done a quick search for you, here are some of the results about such books. Your developer could always get some help and guidance in our support forums, as well as Developers Manual. Any piece of C# code that you find in the forum community, can be easily converted to VB with our online code converter

    4. Modifying functionality of built-in modules
    The core functionality couldn't be removed, but could be changed (extended) to fit your needs. Again, the APIs, the User and Developers Manual, as well as our forum community comes in very handy.
    The library name is needed in order to access the image which is contained in this library, e.g. it is part of the URL. Beside that the names are only shown in the administration of the project. If you are thinking for the public part of the web site, you can change the templates for each user control in the way you want - so you can remove fields markup (as image title) and styles, and create new layouts at all.
    You could always use a regular upload of images with the built-in File Manager. This means that you can organize your images in the exact way you want.

    5. Sitefinity and Linux
    We have to admit that we haven't tested Sitefinity on Linux yet. Since the .NET framework is a Microsoft technology, we suppose that Sitefinity should run on Windows-based boxes and servers. There is Mono project available, the people developing it say that it can run any .NET application on Unix based operating systems, but we haven't tested it. Sitefinity is not directly interacting with the OS and the hardware, but with the .Net framework - if Mono can replace .NET, then running Sitefinity shouldn't be a problem. Testing Sitefinity with Mono wouldn't be an easy task and we think that there will be problems with it.

    Let us know if there is anything else you would like to know about Sitefinity.

    Best Wishes,
    Georgi Chokov
    the Telerik team

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2 posts, 0 answered