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advice on data driven application

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  1. Jeff
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    19 Feb 2009
    25 May 2010
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    I need to develop a pro bono site and was wanting to use Sitefinity.  I am in a little bit of a rush and I am not exactly a full time developer - so I was wondering if a could get some feedback from people who really know what they are doing.

    Basic functionality: Nonprofit agencies log on to site and enter volunteer needs into a database via the website.  Lawyers that are looking for pro bono opportunities then search this database on multiple fields and respond to those opportunities they are interested in (via email).

    To handle the data functionality/presentation I assume writing some custom controls and embedding them in Sitefinity pages would be a possible solution?

    For example:  On the lawyer side I could have three custom controls that are embedded in different pages: SearchForOpportunities.ascx, ListOpportunities.ascx, and OpportunityDetail.ascx.  What is the best way to tie these these controls together? Something like session variables?  For example, when the lawyer is utilizing SearchForOpportunities.ascx and then clicks search, the ListOpportunities.ascx should then be utilized with parameters pulled from the search function.  Same idea with the OpportunityDetail.aspx.  Sounds pretty basic but I want to make sure I am going down the right path from the start as my time is limited.

    I suppose something like a ListView would work but it would take a substantial amount of customization (For example the volunteer needs will have a start and end display data associated with them). Opinions?

    Another issue I was curious about was how to pull Sitefinity membership information.  The number of nonprofit agencies using this service to list volunteer needs will be fairly small (less then 30) so I was planning on using the Sitefinity membership model for the agencies to log on to the site (lawyers will not log on).  What is a high level overview on how pull Sitefinity membership data so that it can be used to query/write to another database?

    Or would it be better to simply write some aspx pages to handle the data side and are not managed by Sitefinity?  That would be disappointing if that is the best route.

     Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    Jeff Markway
    The Missouri Bar

  2. Ivan Dimitrov
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    12 Sep 2017
    26 May 2010
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    Hi Jeff,

    Sitefinity pages are dynamically created and they are not physical files. So, you could work with user/custom control that will represent your data layer. You can create a single complex control and drop it on a page or create separate control that will work individually, but in relation with the other 2 ( or more ) controls you want to us.  You can make the relation between controls using QueryString, Session or Cookies. So basically you could pass the QueryString parameters from one control to another which will read the parameter.

    Lists module does not implement the GenericContent model where you can use dynamic metakeys. This means that you need to create  a custom data layer for everything additional that you want to persist.

    If you are referring to RadListView control, you could take a look at  RadListView for ASP.NET AJAX - Overview and DataBinding options.

    Sitefinity membership and role providers are based on ASP.NET Membership and Role providers, so we use almost the same methods. There are some additional customizations related to so filtering and sorting, but everything else is almost the same. You could use our API to persist the data in a custom database/table. If you want to do this to another website you could use WebServices.

    Best wishes,
    Ivan Dimitrov
    the Telerik team

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