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Custom dashboard

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  1. Pierre
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    16 Feb 2006
    12 Jan 2010
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    Hi Team,

    I working in one very complex solution including personalized dashboard for users. I have some questions that i haven't found the best solution.

    1/ Some times i need to hide from main menu some items like "Pages" or "LiveSite". Exist some way to cast during MainMenuDataSource creation modifiing this extender.

    2/ Exist some way to add one extra item at main menu at first position. It's ok added at end but how to add at first or defined position before the initial dashboard item.

    3/ Exist some way to remplace main dashboard page for some roles using external page.

    Thanks, Romi
    using Telerik.Cms.Web.UI; 
    using Telerik.Cms.Web; 
    namespace CustomMenuDataSource 
        /// <summary>   
        /// Summary description for ExtMainMenuDataSource   
        /// </summary>   
        public class ExtMainMenuDataSource : MainMenuDataSource 
            public ExtMainMenuDataSource() 
            protected override DataSourceView GetView(string viewName) 
                if (this.sourceView == null) 
                    this.sourceView = new ExtMainMenuSourceView(this, String.Empty); 
                return this.sourceView; 
            private ExtMainMenuSourceView sourceView; 
        public class ExtMainMenuSourceView : MainMenuSourceView 
            public ExtMainMenuSourceView(IDataSource owner, string name) 
                : base(owner, ExtMainMenuSourceView.DefaultViewName) 
            protected override System.Collections.IEnumerable ExecuteSelect(DataSourceSelectArguments arguments) 
                DataView view = (DataView)base.ExecuteSelect(arguments); 
                view.Table.Rows.Add(1000, null, "Video", UrlHelper.ResolveLanguageUrl("~/Sitefinity/Admin/VideoAdm.aspx"));//, "mnu_databases"); 
                view.Table.Rows.Add(2000, null, "Return", UrlHelper.ResolveLanguageUrl("~/Default.aspx")); 
                return view; 
            public static string DefaultViewName = "ExtMainMenuView"

1 posts, 0 answered