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Event Content Missing

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  1. Gregory
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    16 Mar 2009
    13 Apr 2009
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    I'm working on a calendar view control for events and have it working for the most part, however I am unable to get all of the information for the event. There does not seem to be a way to get the phone numbers, locations and the like. This is the code for displaying the data, the calendar calls this when you click on a day.
     Telerik.Events.EventsManager eventsManager = new Telerik.Events.EventsManager("Events");  
           IList listOfAllEvents2;  
    protected void dayselected(object sender, EventArgs e)  
            listOfAllEvents2 = eventsManager.GetEvents(EventCalendar1.SelectedDate.Date, EventCalendar1.SelectedDate.Date.AddDays(1).AddSeconds(-1), "[Start] ASC");  
            int idnumber = 0;  
            string eventcontent = "";  
            string newcontent = "";  
            foreach (Telerik.Events.IEvent eventItem in listOfAllEvents2)  
                eventcontent = eventItem.ContentItem.Content.ToString();  
                newcontent = replacesrc(eventcontent);  
                HtmlGenericControl div1 = new HtmlGenericControl("div");  
                div1.ID = "div"+idnumber.ToString();  
                div1.InnerText = "<h1>" + eventItem.EventTitle.ToString() + "</h1><br/> Start Date: " + eventItem.Start + "<br/> End Date: " + eventItem.End + "<br/> " + newcontent +"<br/>"+ theContentItem.GetMetaData("Contact_Phone");  
  2. Ivan Dimitrov
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    12 Sep 2017
    14 Apr 2009
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    Hi Gregory,

    By default the metafield key is Contact_Phone - with underscore. Check whether this will fix the problem you have.

    All the best,
    Ivan Dimitrov
    the Telerik team

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2 posts, 0 answered