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how to transfer information between pages with custom user controls?

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  1. Jome Akpoduado
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    07 Jan 2010
    15 Jan 2010
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    I have two pages which I have created with user controls generated from the logic and layout of two pages from an existing application. One page is a data entry form, which on successful completion redirects the user to a results page displaying data entered in the previous page.
    Previously, I have used session objects and variables to store information between the pages and its been working okay.
    However, the same logic will not work in Sitefinity. Is there a way to handle passing information between pages in Sitefinity? Below are snippets of code from the respective pages

                if (newMember.PCFID != null) 
                    outputString.Append(ddlPCF.SelectedItem.Text + ", "); 
                Session["EntryResults"] = outputString; 
                Session["CallingPageTitle"] = Page.Title; 
                Session["CallingPage"] = Request.Url.AbsolutePath.ToString(); 
                Response.Redirect("results.aspx", true); 
    that is from the originating page
        private void DisplayResults() 
            string callingPage = (string)Session["CallingPage"]; 
            string pageTitle = (string)Session["CallingPageTitle"]; 
            string filename; 
            if (callingPage != null) 
                filename = callingPage.Remove(0, callingPage.LastIndexOf("/") + 1); 
                if (filename == "member.aspx") 
                    StringBuilder showOutput; 
                    showOutput = new StringBuilder(); 
                    showOutput = (StringBuilder)Session["EntryResults"]; 
                    if (showOutput != null) 
                        lblResults.Rows = 5
                        lblResults.Text = showOutput.ToString(); 
                        returnLink.NavigateUrl = callingPage
                        returnLink.Text = "Return back to " + (string)Session["CallingPageTitle"]; 
    I hope this gives clarity what I am trying to achieve.
    When the second page is called, the controls stare blankly at me. :D
    Many thanks for your help
  2. Ivan Dimitrov
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    12 Sep 2017
    20 Jan 2010
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    Hello Jome Akpoduado,

    There are only few places in Sitefinity where we use session. However, there is no problem to use it in Sitefinity. I prepared two user controls that works without problems with session. Both are attached to this tickets and you can give a try to them. SessionControl1 - you have to specify a page of your website where you want to be redirected using a public property. After you click a button called "RedirectTo" you will be redirected to the selected page. On this page you should add SessionControl2. This control will show you the page from where you come from ( the value is set through session) and an option to return back to the same page . All is done with session. You can use a browser tool to check the session ID - whether your session is somehow lost or changed.

    Kind regards,
    Ivan Dimitrov
    the Telerik team

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2 posts, 0 answered