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Insert a document dialog in the RTE

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  1. David van Geel
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    19 Aug 2009
    08 Apr 2010
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    Hi All,

    Is it possible to have the "Insert a document" dialog in the RTE to return additional information like the file extension of the selected document? At the moment the result is a link like this.

    <a href="/Libraries/Dummy_Bestanden/Lorem_ipsum_dolor_sit_amet.sflb.ashx" sfref="[Libraries]cd72b569-8b13-4215-b2a6-cee9053f50e3">Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet</a>

    So -for instance- another attribute like this would be great.

    <a href="/Libraries/Dummy_Bestanden/Lorem_ipsum_dolor_sit_amet.sflb.ashx" sfref="[Libraries]cd72b569-8b13-4215-b2a6-cee9053f50e3" sfext="doc">Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet</a>

    Is this possible? Or is there another mechanism I should investigate?


  2. Ivan Dimitrov
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    12 Sep 2017
    12 Apr 2010
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    Hello David van Geel,

    It is possible.

    You should modify Sitefinity\Admin\ControlTemplates\Libraries\Dialogs\DocumentEditorDialog.ascx
    InsertLink function as shown below and add an additional function - getExtension

    function getExtension(filename) {
          var ext = /^.+\.([^.]+)$/.exec(filename);
          return ext == null ? "" : ext[1];
      function insertLink() //fires when the Insert Link button is clicked
          var closeArgument = currentElement;
          selValue = document.getElementById('<%= selectedValueField.ClientID %>')
          editHolder = document.getElementById('<%= editHolder.ClientID %>');
          titleField = document.getElementById('<%= titleTxt.ClientID %>');
          var uplImg = document.getElementById('<%= uploadedDocument.ClientID %>');
          closeArgument.href = selValue.value;
          var fileExt = getExtension(titleField.value)
          closeArgument.setAttribute("ext", fileExt);
          closeArgument.innerHTML = titleField.value;
          if (selValue.value.indexOf("~/") == 0) {
              closeArgument.setAttribute("sfref", selValue.value);
          } else if (selectedItem != undefined && selectedItem.unresolved) {
              closeArgument.setAttribute("sfref", selectedItem.unresolved);
          } else if (uplImg != undefined && uplImg.attributes["sfref"] != undefined) {
              closeArgument.setAttribute("sfref", uplImg.attributes["sfref"].value);
          } else {
          var radWindow = getRadWindow();
          radWindow.argument = closeArgument;
          radWindow.close(closeArgument); //use the close function of the getRadWindow to close the dialog and pass the arguments from the dialog to the callback function on the main page.

    Ivan Dimitrov
    the Telerik team

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2 posts, 0 answered