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Issue with rad controls

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  1. viscious
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    10 Aug 2006
    05 Sep 2007
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    Hello I have the rad controls suite liscense, and I also work with sitefinity.

    The problem I have is that the Sitefinity build often uses a previous version of the rad controls than the version that I have installed for use outside of sitefinity.

    This causes me somewhat of an annoyance.   I think the best way to describe the situation is to provide an example.

    Lets say sitefinity was compiled by you guys with Q1 2007 sp1 rad controls.  But I have q2 2010 sp5 rad controls installed, and as such this is the version in my visual studio toolbox.

    Now I am working with sitefinity, and I am creating a custom usercontrol, and I drag a rad tabstrip from the toolbox onto the usercontrol.   Visual studio immediatly asks me if I want to replace the 2007 sp1 version with the 2010 sp5 version (for the .dll and .xml file).   I answer no to both of these questions, this is annoying but i can deal with it.   But visual studio adds a .refresh file to the bin directory as well, it doesn't ask if i want it to do this or not, it just does it.

    This by itself doesnt really cause a problem immediatly, as it didn't actually update the assembly.  However, if i need to start the debuger, or i accidentally hit f5, or if i rebuild the website on purpose, the assemblies with the .refresh file gets automatically updated to the new version.   And when this happens, I get a security error saying that the version of the .dll file is not the version that sitefinity was comipiled with.

    When this happens, I have to track down the version that sitefinity was built with, and I have to go find that version of the dll.  This isn't a huge deal, as they are normally on the empty project folder, but sometimes I dont have access to that folder on the machine i am developing with.

    The solution to the problem is to manually delete the .refresh file, every time I drag a rad control into a source file.   Aside from being very annoying, I often forget to do it. 

    So my question is this.  Is there any way to do one of the following:

    1.load two version of the rad controls into the toolbox in vs2005.  (one for sitefinity, one for the normal rad controls).  I have tried this, but I can't make it work.

    2.Tell visual studio to not include refresh files.

    3. recompile sitefinity so that it uses whatever version of the radcontrols i want (providing this doesnt break anything)

    Thanks for any help or advice you can provide.
  2. Slavo
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    24 Sep 2012
    06 Sep 2007
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    Hello Erick,

    Sitefinity usually ships shortly after the RadControls suite. The reason that it does not come with the latest version of the controls is that after the final version of the controls is ready, we do not have enough time to test and make sure that everything works fine with the new version. If we do have enough time, we do what we can to update the version of radControls that come with Sitefinity. The good news is that there is a solution to your problem.

    When you install Sitefinity and RadControls, you can tell Sitefinity to use the newer version by setting binding redirect for the assemblies. You can do this specifically for each project that you create in Sitefinity, or do it in the EmptyProject folder, which would affect all projects you create in the future. For the purpose, substitute the DLLs in the /bin subfolder of either EmptyProject or your project folder with the ones found in the folder where you installed RadControls. You can do this only for specific controls or all of them. Before you do this, write down the old version of the assemblies. Then, in web.config, for every assembly with a newer version, set a binding redirect. Here are some useful links explaining how to do it:

    RadControls are backwards compatible, so you should not have any problems. After you do that, the versions of the controls in Sitefinity and those in the VS Toolbox should be the same, so your user controls have to work without any other modifications.

    Kind regards,
    the Telerik team

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