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Localization for not so common languages

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  1. Meister
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    09 Nov 2007
    19 Feb 2008
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    Ive been asked to do a multi lingual website

    however, this company is down in wales and they want the languages to be english and welsh

    I'm not bothered about it being welsh in the back end, just being able to show welsh in the language drop down in the front end

    i'd ideally want both languages in english in the backend

    Is this possible?
  2. Rebecca
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    24 Sep 2012
    19 Feb 2008
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    Hi Quade,

    The Language selector control (both in the admin and public part) displays the lanuages that are set in the application web.config:

    <localization defaultProvider="Sitefinity" persistenceMode="PathPrefix"   
    defaultCulture="es" cultures="en, fr, es, de, cym">  

    Note that the culture cym above is used as an example and inserting this code will not get you there:)

    Now about Welsh support. We checked for the respective .NET language code in this MSDN article: Culture Names and Identifiers and it wasn't listed there. This means that unfortunately it is not supported by .NET and you should create a custom culture (e.g. cym) and add it to the web site cultures in the application web.config. A very good example is provided here:
    How to: Create Custom Cultures

    What you need to do afterwards in order to set up a multilingual site is described here:
    User Manual > Multilingual Content Management. You will find information about localization at the web site and web page levels, as well as localizing the content created with the built-in Sitefinity modules.

    We hope this information helps. Let us know if you need any further assistance.

    Sincerely yours,
    the Telerik team

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  3. Andy
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    01 Aug 2008
    05 Dec 2008
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    I am faced with the same issue - a welsh (cy-GB) language site - on XP SP3, where Welsh Locale is present.

    I've used the CultureAndRegionInfoBuilder to extract a cy-GB.ldml from the welsh locale.

    Dim carib As System.Globalization.CultureAndRegionInfoBuilder = New CultureAndRegionInfoBuilder("cy-GB", CultureAndRegionModifiers.Replacement) 
    carib.LoadDataFromCultureInfo(New CultureInfo("cy-GB", False)) 
    carib.LoadDataFromRegionInfo(New RegionInfo("cy-GB")) 

    Then registered that cy-GB.ldml file to create a cy-GB.nlp file in Windows\Globalisation\

    Dim carib As CultureAndRegionInfoBuilder = CultureAndRegionInfoBuilder.CreateFromLdml("c:\cy-GB.ldml"

    However in my Sitefinity site, if I put cultures="en, cy" I still get an error page with:

    Culture name 'cy' is not supported.
    Parameter name: name

    Do you have any idea why, or if I have missed a step?

  4. Vlad
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    498 posts
    19 Jun 2017
    08 Dec 2008
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    Hi Andy,

    We are not sure what could be the problem. But most probably you are getting this error, because the 'cy' culture info is not registered in the application. Please try to register the 'cy' culture just before the 'cy-GB'.
    Actually this is a Microsoft technique and there is no Sitefinity implementation, which could be related to it.

    Kind regards,
    the Telerik team

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  5. Andy
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    62 posts
    01 Aug 2008
    09 Dec 2008
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    Thanks for looking into it. I will try to register just 'cy' and see what happens.
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5 posts, 0 answered