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&lt;urlMappings&gt; problems

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  1. Isaac
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    01 Dec 2008
    08 Aug 2011
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    My current sitemap:
    ...index (marked as homepage)

    I have set up 2 urls:

    in my web.config
       <add key="" value="second-site-root" shared="false" />

    I'm attempting to utilize the sitemap to custom build navigation based on whatever is returned from this call:
    CmsSiteMapNode siteRoot = (CmsSiteMap.Provider.RootNode as CmsSiteMapNode);

    Where any page from the 'regular' will return the SitemapRoot, and any page from the will return the 'second-site-root' as its root node.

    When I hit I get served the expected page from the sitemap. however when I hit I get served the home page from the 'regular' site. <-- works <-- works

    I thought for sure it was just a problem with the defaultdocument settings in IIS7.5 but I believe I cleared them all out with this entry:
       <defaultDocument enabled="true">
             <clear />
    Even with this, the behavior continues.
    Did I set up the <urlMappings> incorrectly?
  2. Boyan Barnev
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    30 Oct 2017
    11 Aug 2011
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    Hi Isaac,

    Please take a look at this KB article, I believe you might find it useful. If you have some additional questions, please do not hesitate to let us know.

    Boyan Barnev
    the Telerik team
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  3. Isaac
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    63 posts
    01 Dec 2008
    11 Aug 2011
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    I believe the default urlMapping service will work as advertised. I believe my problem is stemming from some internal url forwarding or whatever the appropriate term for it might be.

    I followed another post on the forum to disable some of the sitefinity url rewriting in favor of the iis7 url rewriter with this:
    public class CustomCmsHttpModule : CmsHttpModule
        protected override CmsRequest GetCmsRequest(HttpContext context)
            return new CmsRequest(context.Server.UrlDecode(context.Request.Url.PathAndQuery));
    This has worked excellently except for one small problem i cant seem to track down.

    A request to or will get 301 redirected to my homepage in sitefinity (homepage is named mysite-root.aspx -- I named it something strange because i wanted to eliminate the possibility that defaultDocuments was somehow responsible even though my sys admin assured me they are not turned on).

    Anyway, what further methods do I need to override so that and will 404 like I want them to?
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3 posts, 0 answered