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Manage online status of published items

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  1. Pierre
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    16 Feb 2006
    20 Oct 2009
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    It's not the firths time that i come with this complex question. I have one solution implementing news. I use one pool of news and 2 models of list mode, one large(for somaire) and one small of get the list mode. The problems is that the Large view is two times, one as somaire and other as normal list.
    I use one metafield to store this temporary state as somaire and filters others to prevent select this item two times.
    1. How to change one metafield on fly during selecting event without generate one blocked item using one selected itemcontent?

    2. How manage one external table to store outside this scope the selected items to restore intitial state later.
    Add in external Table objects or cookiesArray(itemguid, pageid, nameofcontrol)(item inside if takeon).

    3. How i can compare between Controls added in some page (status takeon) and the status stored somewhere to prevent lost or forgot items restoring the initial metafield state to takeoff.
    If item is no more inside pageid, delete from this table or session and restore the normal status of item metafield to takeoff.

    I understand that is not simple question, but i get this problem in many web sites where you need to extract one item from one selected list of items and add as somaire or header in your list one of them. Another way could be expose after select one category or tag somewhere the items selected used before render to screen and check off one used as somaire.
    Some tips?
  2. Ivan Dimitrov
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    12 Sep 2017
    21 Oct 2009
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    Hello Pierre,

    Generally the public controls - presentation layer is used to show the data. However you can use session properties to store some data or view state properties. The only way to change metakey is using GetMetaDAta and SetMetaData methods which will alter the value of IContent object. The life of Session variable is by default 20 mins so you can use this data. Finaly you can cleare the session using Clear method.

    All the best,
    Ivan Dimitrov
    the Telerik team

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2 posts, 0 answered