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Module bar in administration

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  1. Nigel
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    07 Jul 2008
    23 Jun 2009
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    Hi, not something I have come up against yet, but if I following my plans I am sure that I will in the not to distant future. I am concerned about the menu in the administrator site that displays the modules. It is pretty full out of the box (on non-wide screens) and once you add a custom module or two to this then I am concerned about how this will display. Wrapping to the next line would look messy, and showing the scroll bar to the user will be unfriendly. Is it possible to add items to the top bar (dashboard Pages Modules etc) to help break these up?

    Has this layout changed in 4.0?

    What is the Recommended policy on having too many modules.

    Lets throw out a few modules that a end user might like:
    Testimonials - there have been people who felt that this should be its own module
    Links - The list module doesn't really cut it for the needs of links so a module would be required for this

    Now say I do a job for a Recruiter

    Thats 4 extra modules, and on a 4:9 screen this would not fit across the screen horizontally and I would need some way to categories these menu items.

    As I said, not something I have hit yet, but I can see that I will in the future as I am franticly creating modules so I can completely replace my old CMS.

  2. Ivan Dimitrov
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    12 Sep 2017
    23 Jun 2009
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    Hi Nigel,

    The header area of the admin is represented by RadTabStrip control. The control and its tabs can be accessed using RadTabStrip control API.
    You can easily add new tabs in the first RabStrip level where are the tabs for Dashboard, Pages, Modules etc. Each tab has a NavigateUrl Property that can be used, so that you can link to your module, external page, source and so on.

    Sample code:

    We need to access the RadTabStrip control from Admin.master page. We are getting the control ID and then create a new tab.

      protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e) 
            if (!Page.IsPostBack) 
                RadTab tab = new RadTab(); 
                tab.Text = "CustomTab"
                tab.NavigateUrl = "~/Sitefinity/Admin/Modules.aspx?module=generic_content"

    You can access level one in the same way

    IList<RadTab> allTabs = MainMenu.GetAllTabs(); 
            foreach (RadTab tab1 in allTabs) 
                if (tab1.Text.Equals("Modules")) 
                    RadTab parent = MainMenu.Tabs.FindTabByText("Modules"); 
                    RadTab child = new RadTab(); 
                    child.Text = "CustomTabLevel1"
                    child.NavigateUrl = "~/Sitefinity/Admin/Modules.aspx?module=generic_content"

    For version 4.0 we will have new modules. All information will be announced on our website. You can take a look at our RoadMap as well.

    Ivan Dimitrov
    the Telerik team

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2 posts, 0 answered