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No reading web.config help

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  1. Pierre
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    16 Feb 2006
    06 Nov 2008
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    I try to read some elements in web.config with no issue in v35sp1 and working well in v31sp1. All classes and using elem are well added and ok. System.configuration is referenced in classes and in web application but I'm not able to read my web.config. 

    I have added one section in web config and the keys like

    <section name="GeneralSettings" type="GeneralSettings" allowDefinition="MachineToApplication" restartOnExternalChanges="true" requirePermission="false"/>

    and the key to read
    <GeneralSettings loginRequirement="somevalue"/>

    Now I have one page that demand in codebehind my value in web.config
    ddl.SelectedValue = SiteConfig.RequireLogin;

    And the classes in App_Code that respond

    public static class SiteConfig
        static GeneralSettings generalSettings;
        public static void Load()
            // Get the current configuration file.
            System.Configuration.Configuration config = WebConfigurationManager.OpenWebConfiguration(HttpContext.Current.Request.ApplicationPath);
            generalSettings = (GeneralSettings)config.GetSection("GeneralSettings");

        #region Publics
        public static string RequireLogin
            get { return generalSettings.LoginRequirement; } 

    And The General Settings class
    public class GeneralSettings:ConfigurationSection
        [StringValidator(MinLength = 1)]
           DefaultValue = "myvalue")]
        public string LoginRequirement
            get { return (string)base["loginRequirement"]; }
            set { base["loginRequirement"] = value; }

    Some problem or limitation to read web.config is enable ?

    Helps  Welcome. Thanks
  2. Ivan
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    16 Jun 2015
    10 Nov 2008
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    Hello Pierre,

    there are no limitations on the reading of web.config file (we are using it to read the settings of providers and other things). Please read the following article on how to create custom web.config sections (which is what you are doing):

    I hope you'll find this information helpful. Let us know if there is anything else we can do for you.

    Best wishes,
    the Telerik team

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2 posts, 0 answered