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  1. Pierre
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    16 Feb 2006
    09 Jul 2010
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    Hi Team,

    I have one some nolics questions that i not found solution in the doc founds. May be someone can help me?
    I have priorized.

    1./Get the page number of one item in paged query(like Jobs.Load(20, 20 * PageNumber)) Jobs is a dynamic Query<Job>
    how found the page number of one item using item.ID?.

    2/Get one TableSample ?
    sample :string Query = "SELECT * FROM MyTable TABLESAMPLE (" + AproxRows + " ROWS)" or other method to get random x rows using nolics.

    3/Cast the MAX or MIN item from Table using nolics logics.
    Select CAST(MAX(price) AS decimal) from MyTable Where city_id=@city_id", new SqlParameter("@city_id", city_id));

    4/Limiting the returned columns that one query is returning from Table in the object (memory free optimize)
    I use large table base containing many columns generating large object. Exist some way to limiting data returned in place to return the full object. may be using dbsubclass of dbclass?.

    Thanks for your help.           
1 posts, 0 answered