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Nolics Question

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  1. Ben Alexandra
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    15 Sep 2012
    04 Dec 2007
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    Do you have a good example of how I would extend the "User" class (if this is possible).  Specifically, I want to store additional information about my users (such as whether they've authenticated their email address or not, among other things).  Also, I then need to import about 3000 users from another system.  Is this something that I can do, and then import them as the more "customized" type?

    I hope that I've made myself clear and I look forward to any suggestions you might have.  Take care.

  2. bnye
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    22 Sep 2005
    05 Dec 2007
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    Hi Ben -

    There may be a way to do this by extending the User class, but we did this by simply creating a dbclass called UserProfile and leaving the MembershipUser alone. Because these users won't be created through the CMS system we then created a custom CreateUserWizard that creates the MembershipUser then writes the UserName to the new UserProfile Nolics item(along with all of the other data you need) for the client facing portion and then a User Management module that allows us to Add/Remove/Unlock/Approve. We felt that this would be the most "upgrade proof" way to handle a lot of additional user data. But I am curious to hear other ideas.

    As far as importing you could then write a module that cycles through an excel file and creates your MembershipUser in the CMS and populates your UserProfile table.


2 posts, 0 answered