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Override control template locations for custom module

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  1. JGassman
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    11 Jul 2006
    03 Nov 2008
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    We are building custom modules (intra-site) and would like to keep our code namespaced and organized outside of the standard location of the base sitefinity code. We would like to keep our code separate to avoid any namespace issues with existing or future sitefinity modules, and to make upgrades cleaner.

    We have tried this with a generic-content-based module, and have managed to override the location of the ControlPanelxxxx.ascx and CommandPanel.ascx files, but cannot figure out where/how to override the location of Category admin templates. Is this possible? If so, where would we make that change?

  2. Ivan
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    16 Jun 2015
    04 Nov 2008
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    Hello JGassman,

    here is the full list of attributes that can be defined on the GenericContent provider element (I've higlihted the ones you were asking about):

    • contentItemListTemplate
    • contentSingleItemTemplate
    • ratingTemplate
    • listTemplate
    • insertTemplate
    • editTemplate
    • permissionsTemplate
    • editorTemplate
    • shareContentDialogTemplate
    • selectContentDialogTemplate
    • contentSelectorTemplate
    • commandPanelTemplate
    • commentsListTemplate
    • commentsListPublicTemplate
    • commentsEditTemplate
    • tagEditorTemplate
    • tagsManagementTemplate
    • tagsListPublicTemplate
    • tagSelectorTemplate
    • categoriesListPublicTemplate
    • categoriesManagementTemplate
    • categoriesFieldTemplate
    • categoriesSelectorTemplate
    • archiveTemplate
    • bloggersListTemplate
    • rssTemplate
    • rssContentSelectorTemplate
    • urlRewriteFormat
    • urlDateTimeFormat
    • urlWhitespaceChar
    • urlReplaceSymbolsRegEx
    • urlFormatQueryStringIndex
    • urlCacheMode
    • lowercaseUrls
    • contentExtension
    • thumbnailExtension
    • securityProviderName
    • versioningProviderName
    • localizationProviderName
    • contentVersionViewUrl
    • defaultMetaField
    • commentsModeration
    • allowComments
    • visible
    • allowVersioning
    • allowWorkflow
    • allowLocalization
    • socialBookmarkTemplate
    • socialBookmarkImageFolder

    Now, to define the different default templates for let's say Events module you can do something like this:
    - open web.config file
    - navigate to telerik/cmsEngine/providers section
    - modify events provider similarly to this:

    <add name="Events" 
                 type="Telerik.Events.Data.DefaultEventsProvider, Telerik.Events.Data"/> 

    I hope you'll find this information helpful. Let us know if there is anything else we can do for you.

    Best wishes,
    the Telerik team

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2 posts, 0 answered