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RedMenu behave differently

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  1. Yuwen Li
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    21 Dec 2009
    29 Dec 2009
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    I have RedMenu in my master page, it works in a image only mode, it shows no space between menu items, however, when I upload the same master page to sitefinity, it is showing big space between the menu items, I am using sitefinity 3.6, using firefox debugger, I can see the embeded style for the menu control are different in the two different situation. I can I get the same behavior, with same code?


    <div id="dvHomeNavBar" class="Home_Nav_Bar">



    <telerik:radmenu id="RadMenu1" runat="server" skin="" style="margin-bottom: 200px;"









    <telerik:RadMenuItem ImageUrl="~/App_Themes/BASUSA/img/myenroll_welcome.gif" HoveredImageUrl="~/App_Themes/BASUSA/img/myenroll_welcome_roll.gif"



    ExpandedImageUrl="~/App_Themes/BASUSA/img/myenroll_welcome_roll.gif" ToolTip="Products" NavigateUrl="/Basusa/BasHome/AllProducts.aspx">









    <telerik:RadMenuItem ImageUrl="~/App_Themes/BASUSA/img/myenroll_fsa.gif" HoveredImageUrl="~/App_Themes/BASUSA/img/myenroll_fsa_roll.gif"



    ExpandedImageUrl="~/App_Themes/BASUSA/img/myenroll_fsa_roll.gif" ToolTip="Products" NavigateUrl="/Basusa/BasHome/AllProducts.aspx">








    <telerik:RadMenuItem ImageUrl="~/App_Themes/BASUSA/img/myenroll_arrow.gif" HoveredImageUrl="~/App_Themes/BASUSA/img/myenroll_arrow_roll.gif"



    ExpandedImageUrl="~/App_Themes/BASUSA/img/myenroll_arrow_roll.gif" ToolTip="Products" NavigateUrl="/Basusa/BasHome/AllProducts.aspx">








    <telerik:RadMenuItem ImageUrl="~/App_Themes/BASUSA/img/myenroll_support.gif" HoveredImageUrl="~/App_Themes/BASUSA/img/myenroll_support_roll.gif"



    ExpandedImageUrl="~/App_Themes/BASUSA/img/myenroll_support_roll.gif" ToolTip="Products" NavigateUrl="/Basusa/BasHome/AllProducts.aspx">










    <telerik:RadMenuItem ImageUrl="~/App_Themes/BASUSA/img/myenroll_value.gif" HoveredImageUrl="~/App_Themes/BASUSA/img/myenroll_value_roll.gif"



    ExpandedImageUrl="~/App_Themes/BASUSA/img/myenroll_value_roll.gif" ToolTip="Products" NavigateUrl="/Basusa/BasHome/AllProducts.aspx">









    <telerik:RadMenuItem ImageUrl="~/App_Themes/BASUSA/img/myenroll_contact.gif" HoveredImageUrl="~/App_Themes/BASUSA/img/myenroll_contact_roll.gif"



    ExpandedImageUrl="~/App_Themes/BASUSA/img/myenroll_contact_roll.gif" ToolTip="Products" NavigateUrl="/Basusa/BasHome/AllProducts.aspx">















  2. Radoslav Georgiev
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    3370 posts
    01 Feb 2016
    30 Dec 2009
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    Hello Yuwen Li,

    Thank you for using our services.

    When you use your master page in Siteifnity it loads the styles defined in your template theme for your pages. Those styles are located in ~/App_Themes/[Theme Name] directory on your website. Most probably in your theme you have some styles defined which would get applied to your RadMenu. Can you try ti disable the embedded skins of the menu and see how it will behave. You can find more information on how to skin the menu in this article - Controling appearance of RadControls for ASP.NET AJAX in Sitefinity

    All the best,
    Radoslav Georgiev
    the Telerik team

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2 posts, 0 answered