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Sitefinity - Create UserMetadata with Api

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  1. Ricardo My Last name
    Ricardo My Last name avatar
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    25 Feb 2010
    26 Feb 2010
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       I would be very pleased if someone could help me.
    Today, i had a problem. I made a webusercontrol wich represents
    a form where we can register users, that´s ok.
       The problem was that i needed to save some extra information on metadata. I watched some sitefinity demos that show me how can i do it  by adding keys on webconfig. I add that keys :

             <profile defaultProvider="Sitefinity">



                            <add name="Sitefinity" connectionStringName="DefaultConnection" applicationName="/" type="Telerik.DataAccess.AspnetProviders.TelerikProfileProvider, Telerik.DataAccess"/>




       <add name="IsCriovidaClient" type="Boolean"/>

                   <add name="AuthPessInfToBeUsed"/>


     Thereafter, i change user.aspx code that comes in sitefinity to accomplish the task, like i saw in video. Until that point everything is ok.
        Thereafter i tried to implement the same logic on my webusercontrol with no success, because i don´t know how have I to use sinefinity api to create this usermetadata info. It should be somethink similar to user.aspx create user event button code, but i cant see this code.
         So, I saw an object in sitefinity api called UsermetaInfo, and tried by this way, without any success :

            Here are my control variables:

          string nomeCompleto = String.Empty;


            string email = String.Empty;

            string password = String.Empty;

            string passwordConfirmacao = String.Empty;

            bool ? clienteCriova = null;

            bool ? authorizeInfo = null;


           And the code:



                MembershipCreateStatus sucessVar = MembershipCreateStatus.Success;

                MembershipUser user = Membership.Providers["Sitefinity"].CreateUser(txtNomeCompleto.Text,

                    txtPassword.Text, txtEmail.Text, null, null, true, null,out sucessVar);


                Telerik.DataAccess.AspnetProviders.UserMetaInfo userMetaInfo = new Telerik.DataAccess.AspnetProviders.UserMetaInfo();


                //fill userMetaInfo

                userMetaInfo.UserId = new Guid(user.ProviderUserKey.ToString());

                userMetaInfo.PropertyName = "AuthPessInfToBeUsed";

                userMetaInfo.Text = false.ToString();


                object o =  Nolics.ORMapper.Base.ObDataCache.Current;

                userMetaInfo.Create(null, Nolics.ORMapper.Base.OdbDataProvider.GetProvider("Sitefinity"),Nolics.ORMapper.Base.ObDataCache.Current);


    Despite of I can see in debug that all the parameters i have passed to function create are not null, i´ve got
    an exception

    object reference not set to an instance of an object

    The point is , Am I in the right direction to do what i want to do ?

    Is it done with this object UserMetaInfo, or how can i do it ?

    Sorry my bad english,
    I really will be very great if you can help me.

    Best regards,

  2. Ivan Dimitrov
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    16072 posts
    12 Sep 2017
    26 Feb 2010
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    Hello Ricardo My Last name,

    You have to use ProfileBase Class and its methods.

    Kind regards,
    Ivan Dimitrov
    the Telerik team

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