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  1. subodh
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    25 Mar 2009
    07 Apr 2009
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    Thanks for reply,

    and  have another question i.e

    I have a page called DiseaseInformation.aspx which consists of a list of  STATIC disease names(which are hyperlink)

    and each link will have an information related to that disease,
    1)how to make these links dynamic
    2)where to store the information related to each link(i dont want a seperate page for each and every disease)
    3)when i click on the link it should show me the information related to that disease on a seperate page.


    if it is possible to create a custom table in DB with the name Disease, then
    1)I would create a user control with the fields(DiseaseName,Information)
    2)on submit i store this information in DB(custom table)
    3)I bind this table's DiseaseName column to the DiseaseInformation.aspx(Here we achieved the dynamic links which we get from DB)
    4)When user clicks on the link we can have an corresponding ID with that i will redirect to some other page to show the information related to that disease(The redirected page will be only one for every disease link)
    5) this way if admin wants to add a disease he will make use of usercontrol and the information gets stored in the DB and dynamically added to DiseaseInformation.aspx page.

    I will be really gratefull to have your suggestions. Cant we do this without creating a custom table?


  2. Dido
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    24 Sep 2012
    10 Apr 2009
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    Hello subodh,

    As I understand your problem, the List module is perfect for this.

    How to do the set-up:
    • Got to Modules->Lists, and create a new list, say Diseases.
      • For every disease, enter a new item
    • Create a page and insert a Lists (ListDisplay) control. Set it up to use your list (Select lists button), and then make it use Page list mode.
    Of course, you can modify the template if you do not like the looks. Let us know if there is anything else that we can do for you.

    Kind regards,
    the Telerik team

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2 posts, 0 answered