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SiteNavTabStrip Configuration Question

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  1. Zack
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    18 Apr 2007
    01 Apr 2008
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    I am struggling with a SiteNavTabStrip configuration issue and I'm hoping that someone can help me get this figured out ...


    I have a page group titled "Plans", which has two "sub-pages", Page1 and Page2.  For SEO reasons, I want to direct all my traffic to  Page1 is my default page and it is the resource that should be displayed anytime either of the following Urls are requested:

    So to accomplish this we've implemented the Extensionless Url functionality as outlined in the Sitefinity docs (sf404.aspx as the 404 page in IIS).  That part seems to work fine.

    Our trouble is that when we added a SiteNavTabStrip to our master page template in Sitefinity, the Url associated with the "Plans" tab is instead of the desired  This results in users (and Search Engine bots) receiving 302 redirect instructions to Page1, which is bad for one's page rankings.

    Take a look at the website for example.  Assuming that they're using a SiteNavTabStrip for the main header navigation).  The "Purchase" tab's Url is  While this is not the exact behavior that I'm looking for, at least the tab's Url points to the "default" page within the page group (verify by trying to access as opposed to the page group's "purchase.aspx" Url.

    Question 1 is "Can I somehow configure the SiteNavTabStrip to generate urls in format"?

    Question 2 is "If I can't do that, how do I emulate the functionality that Sitefinity seems to be using on their own site (where the Tab's Url is that of the default page within the Page Group"



  2. Nikifor
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    18 May 2013
    08 Apr 2008
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    Hello Zack,

    We investigated the best approach for achieving the requested functionality you provided, and now send you the modified SiteTabStrip.ascx.cs file (see the attachment). Please, replace it with the same file from your project stored in ~/YourWebSite/Sitefinity/UserControls/Navigation/.

    Hope this is helpful.

    the Telerik team

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2 posts, 0 answered