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Tapping into Site Finity with Web Services

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  1. Armysniper
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    03 Mar 2005
    23 Dec 2008
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    My current site is built on a backend that uses Web Services. This enables my site and a Windows Application I created to help maintain the site remotely access to the functionality of the site. In moving this to Site Finity for our next release I want to provide the same functionality through Web Services. Primarily what I need is the ability to access the user, role, and permissions aspects of Site Finity through the web service. In the past, because we used the SQL Provider for ASP.NET it was just a matter of adding the provider settings from our site's web.config to the web service's api and you could use things like System.Security.Membership. I look at my site finity site's web.config and notice a ton of different things. How can I effectively access the Site Finity API in my web services?
  2. Mike
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    10 Dec 2007
    24 Dec 2008
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    The Telerik Membership, Role and Profile providers are very similar to the standard AspDotNetSqlMembershipProvider...They're configured the same way, and the database schema seems the same.  In fact, I'm not sure if there are any differences at all, other than the assembly name/namespace.

    You can do things like


    The Profle provider is also very similar to ASP.NET, and you can add custom profile properties the same way like:

    <profile defaultProvider="Sitefinity">  
                type="Telerik.DataAccess.AspnetProviders.TelerikProfileProvider, Telerik.DataAccess"/>  
            <add name="FirstName"/>  
            <add name="LastName"/>  
            <add name="LastShippingAddress" type="Commerce.Common.Address" allowAnonymous="true" /> 
            <add name="LastBillingAddress" type="Commerce.Common.Address" allowAnonymous="true"/>  
            <add name="FullName" type="System.String" allowAnonymous="true"/>  
            <add name="CurrentOrderTax" type="System.Decimal" allowAnonymous="true"/>  
            <add name="CurrentOrderShipping" type="System.Decimal" allowAnonymous="true"/>  
            <add name="CurrentOrderShippingMethod" type="System.String" allowAnonymous="true"/>  

    So it shouldn't take much to port your membership code to use the Sitefinity providers.  Probably just change the namespace hierarchy.

    Mike Sharp
  3. Georgi
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    28 Oct 2016
    29 Dec 2008
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    Thank you Mike, for the input you made.

    the Telerik team

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3 posts, 0 answered