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A few questions from a Trial User please

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  1. Tom
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    10 May 2013
    10 May 2013
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    I am currently evaluating Sitefinity, and so far so good.  I have a few specific needs that I want to see if Sitefinity can handle.
    1.  Can I search through all my source code thru the entire site, and replace all instances of a certain word or phrase?  I know programmers hate global search and replace within a site's source code, but I need it.
    2.  If I use the same header/template for all my web pages, can I still create unique Title Tags for each separate page?  My current CMS puts the title tage up in the headr portion of the template, so each page that uses that template is forced to have the same Title.
  2. Tim
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    258 posts
    22 Jun 2011
    10 May 2013 in reply to Tom
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    With Sitefinity, it's very rare that you'll run across something that can't be done in code.

    Different titles for different pages? Absolutely! You can have different titles, names, urls, meta descriptions/keywords and just about anything else you need.

    Welcome to the forums and feel free to ask whatever! :)
  3. Mark
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    01 Jun 2010
    11 May 2013
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    Tom, the Sitefinity Replace tool can search through your DB and replace words for you.
3 posts, 0 answered