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Backend delayed list refresh after save

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  1. Matt
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    20 Nov 2009
    06 Sep 2011
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    Whenever I finish editing a page, list item, etc., I'm immediately returned to the list page, and start scrolling to perform my next action with another item.  Then several seconds later the data is all refreshed and it brings me back to the top.  Sometimes if I've already clicked on Actions, the menu is still there but it applies the action to a different page than what I originally selected before the refresh.  This little refresh trick makes it FEEL faster than it was before on the surface, but it's really not faster, and not really worth the trade-off in usability.  My users are reporting that it's incredibly frustrating and in some cases they've changed the properties on the wrong content item not realizing that it ended up selecting a different item.

    It's not a big list, a few dozen items, so it should be very possible to make these list refreshes happen very quickly if you target the source of the performance problems (more than likely doing way too many queries for a simple list page).  In the meantime, I'd prefer it not show the page until it's actually been refreshed.

    For what it's worth...


    p.s. I'm on version 4.2.
  2. Victor Velev
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    06 Jul 2015
    12 Sep 2011
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    Hi Matt,

    This is indeed strange behaviour by the grid. Can you tell me when did you start to experience the problem? If you feel that your project is not performing as it should please review the performance tips which can be found in our documentation: Tips for optimizing performance.

    Kind regards,
    Victor Velev
    the Telerik team

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2 posts, 0 answered