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Create A Search Index for a Document Library

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  1. Tom
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    24 posts
    10 May 2013
    29 Oct 2015
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    I see where I can create a search index to search my "documents"   But how can I have it index only one of my libraries within my documents?  

    I have several libraries filled with PDFs under the Documents & Files file type.   I want to create a search index of only one library, not ALL my documents.

  2. Laurent Poulain
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    17 posts
    31 May 2017
    03 Nov 2015
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    The search index do not have the granularity to specify a particular library. That said, you can create a custom search results widget to filter the desired results. See's-blog/2015/10/12/troubleshooting-lucene-search-issues (Customized Search) for further details.

    Laurent Poulain
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  3. Madona
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    13 Apr 2015
    27 Jan 2017
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    My way didn't include overriding any widget, you can create search indexes for each doc lib you are willing to index (unique names for indexes). then override the DocumentInboundPipe and in the CanProcessItem method check what's the publish point name (this.PipeSettings.PublishingPoint.Name) and if it's equal to your search index name then only allow the documents that belong to the library you want to index.


    Let me know ifthat makes sense.

  4. Tim
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    3 posts
    19 Apr 2013
    16 Jan in reply to Madona
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    I know this is an old post but could you show and example of how to do this? I'm trying to do the exact same thing.
  5. Madona
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    0 posts
    13 Apr 2015
    16 Jan
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    See DocumentInboundPipeCustom screenshot for how you override the DocumentInboundPipe (sorry wasn't able to attach a cs / txt file)


    Then make sure you unregister/register documentinboundpipe and the custom one you created in global.asax --> Application_Start   as following:

    if (eventArgs.CommandName == "Bootstrapped")




    You might need to change namespaces and such depending on the structure where you put your file but hopefully that helps.





5 posts, 0 answered