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Filtering support forum/blog/documentation searches

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  1. MB
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    09 Jan 2005
    11 Jul 2012
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    I know that this has been requested before, but would it be possible to provide filtering options when searching forums/blogs/documentation for Sitefinity and Telerik support.

    I find it incredibly frustrating that when searching for something in any of these resources, inevitably the v3.x results are listed first, and there is no easy way to get rid of them.

    Doing a search for something in the 5.x  online documentation is a waste of my time, because it returns so many 3.x results I can never get what I needed, and that forces me to log support tickets for simple questions and then wait 2 days to have someone provide me with a link to the relevant documentation.

    It all seems like such a waste of resources for what would appear to be a simple issue... applying category and tag filters (similar to the KB area) that constrain the results by version.
  2. Richard Baugh
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    22 Aug 2012
    12 Jul 2012
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    I am there with you. I have however figured out a way to filter my results. Two scenarios. First, if you navigate to one of the sections, like this general discussions, of the 4.x+ forums and put in your search, you get the results and on the left is a link to search "Sitefinity Forums". This will broaden the results to all forums under the 4.x+ sections. Second approach, which really is what the link does from the first option, is to submit your search and then in the address bar, after the results show, append the following parameter to the end of the url: &fid=531.

    The Sitefinity 4.x+ forum ID is 531 and passing this in will filter your search to just this forum. Just something I picked up a while back and does help until the forum allows for better filtering.
2 posts, 0 answered