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Is Kendo UI in 4.4? How do you reference it?

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  1. Dan Sorensen
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    13 Aug 2010
    07 Mar 2012
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    Is Kendo UI included in 4.4 and 5.0?

    How do you reference it? I assume it is much like the jQuery method, right? I had heard someone (I think Steve) mention that it comes packaged with 'all' and that we should consider using the slimmer version in many cases.

    Sorry for these really elementary questions all of a sudden. I have been using a 4.0 beta project (upgraded and upgraded), and now I starting over from scratch on a new project and want to get up to speed on the latest best practices.

  2. Steve
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    03 Dec 2008
    08 Mar 2012
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    Here's Joshs code on how to reference it in the assemblies

    But it only seems like .all is embedded to use.  If you have no need for "charting" then you should check out the CDN version of just the web components (so obviously the version # changes with new releases).  I usually get the CDN url with firebug from the demos page and just change .all to .web

    **EDIT** I should note even though it's visible on the CDN, you're still tied to licensing restrictions using it...not sure how that all works out with SF+Kendo though.  I'd stay away from including the .all in a public page though.  The charting components can be large and thats a ton of waste if you dont use them

2 posts, 0 answered