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Is the dropdown menu used on this site available?

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  1. Dan Sorensen
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    13 Aug 2010
    28 Feb 2012
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    Is the drop down menu displayed above for "Product", "Solutions", and "Resources" available to use with Sitefinity? (It is an available widget or a custom, proprietary widget?) We have a need to make a menu very similar to that, and before I reinvent the wheel, I thought I would ask. It is really great.

  2. Steve
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    03 Dec 2008
    29 Feb 2012
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    Its not available, but here's how I would do it

    1) In your page template define a layout which will contain the menu, put all the items you want in it (prob not dynamic right?).
    2) Inspect the css of this menu, it just has some CSS that pushes it up off the top of the visible area.  So do the same thing, but in page EDIT mode, override that to show it (so you can edit it)
    3) Search this page in the firebug script tab for "var button = $('#toggle-link')" (minus the quotes).  It should give you the script that's doing the animation.

    It shouldn't be hard to replicate, the hard part would be getting it to look as pretty :)
2 posts, 0 answered