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Known Issues Sitefinity 4.4

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    Known Issues Sitefinity 4.4

    Module Builder

    • Image field: The whole image is shown in the items list view in the front end instead of thumbnails
    • Number field: Cannot activate a module that has a number field with min or max value set with floating point
    • Widget templates: Custom fields are missing
    • Code reference: Image is not saved when creating using code from the code reference
    • Feeds: When a feed for a custom module is created, and no feeds mappings are specified, opening the feed throws an error
    • Multilingual mode is not supported yet


    • Taxes: Taxes are not properly applied when there are shippable and non-shippable products in the cart
    • Taxes: When ‘include tax manually’  is selected,  prices are displayed as if ‘include tax automatically’ was selected
    • Taxes: Discounts are applied after tax calculation
    • Departments: Moving child Departments up and down results in error
    • Departments widget: After upgrade from v.4.2. SP1, on a page with Departments widget and Buy now widget, clicking on a department link results in error. Workaround: replace the Departments widget on the page.
    • FedEx: The FedExProvider assumes that the service's return value is the site's currency, when it really is USD
    • Multilingual: After upgrade from v.4.2. SP1, products in the non-default language are not displayed on the public site. Workaround: republish the products in the respective language

    Staging & Syncing

    • No progress indicator during synchronization
      (The syncing is completed when the sync history screen shows.)
    • Syncing does not create new versions of the synced items on the target server
    • Sync history screen does not show how many content items have been synced, shows only the items that failed to sync


    • Images: Generated thumbnails are with deteriorated quality
    • Azure Blob Storage: Image thumbnails are stored in Sitefinity and not on Azure blob
    • Permissions: User in the “Designers” role does not see Images in the Content menu
    • Feeds: When content item contains a relative link and a feed is generated for it, opening the feed results in error
    • Widgets> Twitter feed: In Appearance, Custom color scheme selecting “No color” doesn't apply the change
    • Lists: When custom field is added to Lists, a list cannot be saved


1 posts, 0 answered