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Localization URLs - Rerouting

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  1. Todd Stanistreet
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    19 Mar 2010
    13 May 2010
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    I remember seeing a similar question in a 3.x thread and it was closed with no real related resolution for the previous version.

    Will it be possible to rewrite URLs and more specifically when related to localization? I assume localization URLs will be similar to older versions by default - if I read correctly (I'm new to SiteFinity) it was .../en/home, .../fr/home.

    There is a Governmental requirement in Canada for all applications to be bilingual but web applications must also conform to fairly rigid standards. For urls they must conform to 1 of 3 standards - if you can call having 3 really being standard.

    example /homepage.aspx

    1) 1da5s4a545.aspx (it can be some meaningless number, key or hash value)

    2) /homepage-en.aspx, /homepage-fr.aspx (the culture added to the end of the URL)

    3) /homepage, /pagedaccueil (the page has a English and French name - this is really the preferred standard, although it is rarely followed because it complicates development for most people).

    I always follow standard 3 and I wrote a library using MVC routing that allows me to list all the pages in the web.config or an xml file and give a matching name and culture, example:

    /homepage.aspx, en-CA=/homepage, fr-CA=/pagedaccueil

    All I have to do is code the homepage.aspx and the routing automatically makes sure the standard is followed and technically I can have an number of languages and can follow any naming convention after the fact. I also don't have to configure IIS to perform any rewriting either.

    Would something like this be possible in SiteFinity 4.0? If not, would it be possible to code my own module for it and have reasonable integration into the existing localization features or would I end up having to completely recode all localization handling?

  2. Ivan Dimitrov
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    12 Sep 2017
    14 May 2010
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    Hi Todd Stanistreet,

    Points 2 and 3 will be supported in Sitefinity 4.0. We will not have feature similar to this in point 1.

    All the best,
    Ivan Dimitrov
    the Telerik team

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  3. Todd Stanistreet
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    19 Mar 2010
    16 May 2010
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    Hi Ivan,

      That's great to hear. Point 1 really isn't important, I would always prefer to go with method 2 or 3 anyway.

    Thanks for the information,


3 posts, 0 answered