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Managing links on news items

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  1. Adam
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    11 Apr 2011
    14 Apr 2011
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    I'm trying to edit the linking on my news item that displays on the front page of the website, it's like the first "Latest News", if you click the title (to go into detailsview/comment thingie) I get a horrible look cause of other widgets in the sidebar, the news item goes both into the left column and the small sidebar column, in the sidebar I have another news widget showing the latest 5 news (It's using only Title / Date template) still the whole post shows up in the sidebar.

    I want to re-write the url so it goes to /news/XXX/XXX/XXX/ instead of how it currently goes as /home/XXX/XXX/XXX/

    I have two languages on the website and the first one has no localization in the URL example:

    localhost/ - Click the news title on frontpage to go into detailsview URL looks like: localhost/xxx/xxx/xxx/ (It simply refreshes and no details view nor comment form)

    localhost/en-US - Click the title again and URL looks like: localhost/en-US/home/xxx/xxx/xxx/

    - I simply need to rewrite the link to say /news/ instead of /home/ (or ~/ ) then it shows up fine, ill post a screenshot for demonstration as well, so you know why I want to fix this issue hehe.
    - Clicking the link on frontpage only does the issue under language en-US, default language only refreshes the front page for some reason, but if I add /news/ it works fine. - Sidebar issue
  2. Boyan Barnev
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    28 Aug 2017
    15 Apr 2011
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    Hello Adam,

    I reviewed the screenshot you provided. Indeed this is not an acceptable way of displaying your news on a public site. Can you, please try adjusting the layout accordingly, so that you provide sufficient space for your News widget to display larger text and render the comment form properly. You can take a look at this article from our documentation which explains in detail how to adjust your layout elements accordingly.
    Concerning the second part of your question, have you tried specifying another page for your news items to open onto. I'm talking about the functionality in Single item settings of the News widget, where you can specify your news article to open in an already existing page of your site (provided you have a News widget dropped onto it). Please refer to the screenshot attached, which shows exactly where this setting is located. I believe this might help achieve the desired functionality. If not, please inform me in more detail about the specific use case scenario where you want to implement this, so that I can assist you further.

    Boyan Barnev
    the Telerik team

2 posts, 1 answered