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Memory Use and Recycling

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  1. Anthony
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    29 Sep 2008
    06 Jun 2011
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    Just noticed that our w3wp.exe process is taking up between 200 MB and 500MB of memory at any given time with Sitefinity running.  this is while the site is in development with only 5 or so people on it at a time and no pages being cached.  If I recycle the app pool this will drop down to under 1000K until i access another Sitefinity page.

    I only have one site running right now but may end up with over 70 on this server (will be load balanced).  My one site has about 250 pages and 200 documents and images.

    I am just wondering what everyone is experiencing with IIS Worker Process memory usage and how often you may have IIS set to recycle the app pool.

    I am also curious to know what people are experiencing for page load times...  Mine seem a little slow.  Between 2 and 7 seconds for most.  This should speed up once I enable cache.  Curious to know what anyone else has done to reduce the page load time.  Mine seems to be slowest on the GET statement and sometimes the WebResources.axd will take a couple of seconds.

  2. Markus
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    25 Nov 2005
    07 Jun 2011
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    Dear Anthony

    Here are the obvious but maybe sometime missed anyhow

    1. web.config debug=false
    2. enable compression in IIS (dynamic and static) this will cut donw on traffic a lot as you can see
        that you transfer over 1 MB data
    3. Try to set cobining scripts to false (administration - settings - pages - combing scirpts 
       (some how I have the feeling that even though you get more request to the server you get
        less KB transfered (might cut it down 0.3 MB on the second page)
    4. Of course optimize your images
        100 KB you might bring it down to 60 KB easily
    5. Use a div, css style for text and an thumb image and you reduce this
     to about 8 KB (so you save another 12 KB 3 times - saving another 30 kb)
    6. Check if you need all the css in your files. Sometimes if you create a skin with Sylebuilder or copy it from another theme then you have syles you might not need. Like disabled menu items and stuff. Use Firefbug extension CSS usage to give you a clue.
    7. Once you are happy with your CSS make a copy/backup and optimze the css
    8. Of course add RAM and CPU
    9. I have a task scheduled at my hosting provider which access the homepage every 2 min to see if I get an error. This way the site is allways fresh and must not be build. Once you have enough visitors you can remove the task since they are doing this job
    10. Caching of page
    11. Use chrome to browse :-) I have one site an Chrome is simply noticable faster. Suprisingly FF 4.01 is slower then my IE 8

    Hope this gives you some starting point to make your site faster. The rest is in the hands Telerik and they will make SF faster every 3 month.

    A lot of this might be considered old school trying to reduce KB when you have unlimited bandwith. But a lot of small improvments can make a big difference as well.

2 posts, 0 answered