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message field is using the tag "Body"

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  1. renato
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    07 Jan 2011
    15 Mar 2011
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    I want to know why the message field is using the tag "Body " for that reason, she ispresenting the background of the site ...

    Can you help? the site will be launched tomorrow and can not be with this problem ...Interface Labels & Messages tried but no help

    Shoe at print...
  2. Jordan
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    20 Oct 2015
    16 Mar 2011
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    Hello renato,

    The background is applied to your body tag through CSS. The RadEditor is inside an iframe and also there is a body tag inside it. So the background of the site is applied to it also. To avoid such effect put a CSS class to the body tag inside the master page and apply the CSS rules to it and remove the background property from the main body selector. Example:

    body {
     /*  background-image: url(url/to/your/background/image.jpg);  remove this*/
    body.class-of-the-body-in-the-master-page {
       background-image: url(url/to/your/background/image.jpg);

    the Telerik team
2 posts, 0 answered