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Module builder issues

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  1. Anthony
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    15 Nov 2011
    23 Jan 2012
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    We are having some issues with the module builder. We are running into two issues.

    1. When I use the new 4.4 module builder field to create a module and then attempt to drag that module on a page and attempt to filter it always wants to filter by categories, regardless if the classification field I entered was of type department or category. It should be noted that when I create an instance of the module it behaves as it should, letting me assign classification by dept or cat. Its when I actual drag the module onto a page and try to filter that the problem begins. It always wanting to filter by categories

    but when adding an instance of the module will let you assign it a dept classification

    It's worth noting that we are using the e-comm module and currently classifying our products using a hierchary of depts as shown in the screen shot above, if we can't filter by depts is there any workaround that would enable us to "auto-copy" or link the hierarchy of departments to the categories classification so we can filter? or would this have to be done manually?

    - Anthony

  2. Lubomir Velkov
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    03 Nov 2014
    26 Jan 2012
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    Hello Anthony,

    We held a webinar 
    where you can see the way Gabe made filtering work. It has 2 steps. Explanation of how to set the widget taxonomyId to your custom clasification Id starts on 30th minute and what you actually need to do (change FieldName) starts around the 39th minute. Yet here is a small description of the two steps you need to do to get the custom filter working.

    1. Set the TaxonomyId. Basically you need to remap the widget to your custom classification by setting the TaxonomyId of the widget to the Id of you classification. Go to Content -> All classifications -> Start Chrome Developers tools for example -> Refresh the page and get the Id of your classification (See the attached screenshot). 

    2. In order to get the links working though you need to do one more think. Change the name of the FieldName to the name of your field. In my case "partnerstatus". You can see it from the "Partners item fields" menu in the "Partners settings" of your module and you are ready.

    Kind regards,
    Lubomir Velkov
    the Telerik team
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2 posts, 0 answered