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Questions about the "Google Analytics" widget

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    15 Mar 2011
    11 Apr 2011
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    EDIT : I found the answer, each page does indeed has its separate results. Those results were just not on the Top Content.


    I did the following test :
    - I put the google analytics widget in a page template used by all pages in my website.
    - In addition, I put the google analytics widget in one specific page.
    - Then, I made sure I visited all pages in the website

    My website is still on test, so I  access it using the server's IP like this :

    What I get on analytics is :
    - Results for getting all the hits from all the pages in the website (instead of specific results per pages)
    - Results for where "MyPage" is the specific page where i put the widget.

    My questions are : Is it the way it is supposed to work when you put the widget on a template?
    Do I have to put the widget in every page of my website to get specific results for each pages?

    Thank you,
1 posts, 0 answered