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Remove Group page name from url

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  1. Vaiga
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    27 Feb 2012
    28 Mar 2012
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    Hi all

       I am using sitefinty 5.0.In my application am creating a group page for navigation menu.Then add all pages which want to show on navigation under this group page.Now when i select any page from navigation menu,its url shown like this ',aspx'.Here navigation is the name of group page.I want to remove this group name from url [wants to make the url like '',aspx' this].
    How is this possible.

  2. Tim
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    258 posts
    22 Jun 2011
    29 Mar 2012
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    I think I answered your other post. By the way, if you comment in a thread, it'll "bump" to the top. :)

  3. Markus
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    2763 posts
    25 Nov 2005
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