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  1. Joe
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    11 Sep 2007
    20 Jan 2011
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    I'm really liking SF 4. I was just curious if you have a roadmap outlining functionality to be added to Sitefinity 4 and the priority for adding the functionality. It would help me plan my future projects, and also help keep me from investing in custimization that will become unnescessary or obsolete a short time after.

    Thanks and Cheers to the Sitefinity
  2. Phill Hodgkinson
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    10 Nov 2004
    24 Jan 2011
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    Hi Joseph,

    I just came across this on Twitter, would seem that the roadmap has been posted but for some reason not posted here (yet anyway).

    I personally find it disturbing as it seems New Features are getting a higher priority than bug fixes. For me I'd rather have a solid bug free foundation before more features (and inevitably more bugs) are introduced. That's just me though, I might be crazy...

    Edit: I re-read the note about "Fixes" and before I get "disturbed" I should ask Telerik to clarify the statement. When you say "release a service pack a few weeks after the official release" do you mean after the official release of 4.0 or after the official release of 4.0 SP1? If it's the former than I can live with that, means it could be as early as this week. If I have to wait until a couple weeks after SP1 for bug fixes then I'll be "disturbed" again ;)

  3. Grisha Karanikolov
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    23 Mar 2010
    25 Jan 2011
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    Hi Phill,

    Actually, as Sitefinity team is the biggest one in Telerik, we have dedicated resources for both tasks. Most of our developers are dedicated on making sure that Sitefinity is bug-free. The better part of the Sitefinity development team are addressing problems that our quality analysts and clients have reported, while several scrums are working on enriching Sitefinity with new features.

    As for the question regarding the fixes, here is what the roadmap page you've provided a link to says:

    "With the Sitefinity 4 Service Pack 1 we will deliver bug fixes and fixes to know issues from the official release. We will also fix the known issue with Load Balancing."
    Sitefinity 4 Service Pack 1 - due in the week of February 21

    In other words, the service pack will address the bugs we and you have encountered and reported, and it will be out within a month.

    Best regards,
    Grisha 'Greg' Karanikolov
    Sitefinity Solutions Consultant
3 posts, 0 answered