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Roadmap 5.4

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  1. Markus
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    25 Nov 2005
    08 Jan 2013
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    Dear Telerik Team

    Here are some thoughts and questions about the roadmap 5.4

    Performance optimization
    - Anything on RAM consumption. Are you working on that front?

    Multi-lingual mode
    - How about images and documents will it ever be possible to have different images/documents per language. 

    Usability improvements
    - will the multiple scrollbars in widget issues finally be fixed

    How about all the PITS Stuff
    - Recycle bin for Pages - 58 votes
    - Nested Libraries - 48 votes
    - naming content placeholder - 41 votes
    - captcha integration - 39 votes

    Various other request
    - image widget improvements (lightbox instead of white blank page)
    - margin when using alignments of images
    - and many many others.


  2. Arno
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    08 Sep 2010
    11 Jan 2013 in reply to Markus
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    Well, I hope the team finds the time to respond to this. I have the same questions. There are almost 70 open Public Issues with at least 10 votes. I would expect that to be included as well. The issues that are currently marked as "in progress" all (except one) have less than 10 votes. Not saying that those aren't important, but it looks a bit weird, right?
  3. Brett Whittington
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    10 Aug 2012
    11 Jan 2013
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    RAM consumption is a huge concern for me as well.  It would be nice have it built in but it is possible to show your content placeholder names using css using the code below.  It isn't pretty but it gets the job down for my content managers.

     content: attr(placeholderid);
3 posts, 0 answered