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Site navigation - RadTreeView as RadPanelBar

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  1. Richard
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    13 Jul 2010
    08 Oct 2012
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    Afternoon all

    The Aim: To create a Vertical navigation menu with expandable/collapsible sections.

    I'm trying to 'fake' a radpanelbar' navigation by using the tree navigation widget.

    By this I mean I am implementing the Tree, vertical with sub levels, navigation widget but display it so it appears as  a rad panel i.e. gives expandable/collapsing panels.

    As such, I've headed down the following route:

    So now it looks like a rad panel (ish). however, there are no options, that I can see where I can change the events of the treeview: 

    ="nodeChanged" OnClientNodeCollapsed="nodeChanged"

    If someone can point me in the right direction or offer another solution, that'd be grand. 
  2. Jochem Bökkers
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    13 Aug 2007
    08 Oct 2012
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    Hey Richard,

    Are you trying to build a 'fake' one? Or actual use the real one?

    The real PanelBar, with all its functionality is already in Sitefinity. If you go to administration >> Settings >> Advanced >> Toolboxes >> PageControls >> Sections >> RadControls and check the 'Enabled' box, you'll find it in your Page Editor toolbox.

    If you want a fake one, why not just render out the menu structure in a <ul><li> form and apply some KendoUI Panelbar magic to it?

  3. Markus
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    25 Nov 2005
    09 Oct 2012
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    Dear Richard
    I use RadPanelbar as Jochem suggested.

    This link shows you how you can use the SitefinitySiteMap Provider if you want to use it as a seondary navigation for example:

  4. Kevin
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    09 Feb 2012
    14 Aug 2013 in reply to Jochem Bökkers
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    Holy cow... after nearly nine months of using Sitefinity and struggling with hand-coding custom controls that incorporate RadControls, I just now found this post and the "enable RadControls" option for the standard toolbox.

    Two questions:
    - Did I miss some blatant documentation in setting up a site that suggests enabling this right away?
    - Why oh why is this disabled out of the box? (I'm using version 5.2.) Who wouldn't want these controls available?

  5. Ivan D. Dimitrov
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    26 Mar 2015
    19 Aug 2013
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    Hi Kevin,

    Telerik's RadControls is an option, so if you want you can show the controls or hide them. Most of the controls cannot be used directly for complex operations, because you need to wrap them in a user or custom control. Therefore this option is not enabled by defualt.

    Ivan D.Dimitrov
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5 posts, 0 answered