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  1. MB
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    09 Jan 2005
    02 Feb 2011
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    @Samir Vaidya

    Telerik is a business, and makes its own marketing decisions, as it should.
    Telerik must decide what combination of product, price, placement and promotion (i.e. its marketing plan) is best for its own needs to succeed, and survive.

    Time will tell if its plan is correct, and like any business, it will modify that plan if it’s not correct, or if the market changes.

    I always present options and alternatives to my customers (including FOS) allowing them to choose the balance of features, price and development cost, that meets their needs and budget.

    Personally, I’m yet to find a business that I’d risk doing work for, which would make a strategic decision (such as building a website) based on saving $1K.

    By all means, have your say about what you don’t like and what you think, but as the customer, you already have a very simple and effective option available, if you find elements of Telerik’s plan to be in conflict with your (or your customer’s) requirements... buy/use something else.

  2. Shawn Krivjansky
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    11 Jan 2010
    16 Feb 2011
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    For me, it all kinda goes back to what Ben originally had an issue with in similar thread:

    Currently, I have one STANDARD license (3.7).  I was in the process of selling SF 4.0 to another client (for the STANDARD edition).  At the time of my selling the client on the $2000 STANDARD license, I was mostly banking on the statement on the pricing comparison page about "50% Discount for multiple domains"...which specifically is worded as "The discount applies for purchases of additional domains of the same license type for the same organization. ".  Now, with the current license that I have IN MY ACCOUNT that I SOLD for Telerik, I assumed that meant that any additional licenses I purchase for the STANDARD edition could be had for the 50% discount....well, apparently that assumption is wrong according to Telerik.  It doesn't seem to matter that I PURCHASED the license...the license resides IN MY account...and that I take full ownership and responsibility for the license. 
    Developers/Resellers don't get credit and is not eligible for the 50% discount in this case... bummer.  

    Anyway, getting back to the price tag of $2000... is that a lot for SF 4.0 Standard edition?  Well, it might be a little on the high side, but that doesn't bother me too much to list it at that.  Will client's pay that amount??  Not everybody (and I would venture to say not many).  Will SOME pay that amount?  SURE.  Some will.  Here is the underlying problem though.... THAT IS ABOUT ALL THEY WILL PAY.  There is NO ROOM for developers to make any money for the majority of projects in this space.  Yes, there will be the occasional deep pocketed client that can fund a large dev project, but those are far and few between and certainly not what the average developer using Telerik controls/Sitefinity runs their business banking on.  I'm not sure who Telerik is actually targeting with SF 4.0.  Maybe they think they can get the marketing folks at companies to spend $2000 and SF 4.0 turns them into .NET gurus overnight with the ability to customize their site in the same way seasoned developers could....I'm not sure.  But, it sure doesn't seem like the developers are at the forefront in the model.

    The other issue that developers (especially news ones to the platform) will have is the "trial license" model.  A lot of developers (again, especially new ones), will take much longer than 30 days to become familar with SF from a technical standpoint.  Yet, if they looking to hone their skills for a client demo of some customization, or just to contribute to the SF Marketplace with some controls... they are NOT able to when their trial license expires (assuming they are doing something that cannot be had in the most basic community edition).  I know that is a big frustration point.  I just don't understand why developers would be cut off in this regard.  It seems Telerik should find a way to embrace new developers to their platform (and keep them more than a couple weeks).

    I'm sure Telerik reads our comments and takes things into consideration, but I don't know how much of a difference it is really going to make.  They seem pretty set in stone on a lot of these problems.  I have said this to some of the Telerik folks before...  "Developers drive the business (ANY software platform related business).  Telerik OF ALL people should know this." 
  3. Mike
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    08 Mar 2011
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    Not adding a lot to the conversation,  but the pricing model is killing us.  We have not won a single bid this year with Sitefinity as our CMS model.  More importantly, we are losing every bid to WordPress, freakin WordPress!  We know the products are not comparable, but non-technical customers do not understand the benefits, no matter how hard we try to explain and demo. They simple see a savings of $2k-20k versus WordPress free license. When we angle DotNetNuke versus Wordpress (free vs free) we win.  

    The pricing model is scaring away all small to mid size business, even some large business. Everyone in this thread understands the differences in the products,  but end-customers do not and because of this our bids are dead before we even get to make our pitch.  

    I know there is no interest from Telerik in changing the pricing model at this time,  but perhaps you would more help in the sales process by creating marketing papers that show how Sitefinity compares to other popular CMS tools and why it is better?  We love your product but we desperately need help convincing potential clients that it is $20,000 better than WordPress. 
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