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Sitefinity 4.2 SP1 Released

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    Release Notes for Sitefinity 4.2 SP1

    What’s New

    • Publication for content and pages can be set to a date in the past – PITS
    • Import project in the Project Manager application
    • New Actions and Resource menus in the Project Manager application
    • The Migration Module now supports Sitefinity 3.7 Community and Standard edition projects, both .NET35 and .NET40

    What’s Fixed


    • 404 is not returned if users requests an invalid page URL  - PITS
    • Page links are not resolved properly when a project is accessible from two different domains, and of them is a subdirectory of the other – PITS
    • Copying a page with multiple URLs, copies the URLs to the new page as well 
    • In Multilingual mode with Domain strategy enabled, if the home page is cached, browsing the other language domain does not show proper content
    • Extensibility: PageSiteNode -> Clone() method throws a NotSupportedException
    • Page Editor: Applying ‘Insert the link’ action on an existing link duplicates the link – PITS
    • Page Editor: When a fixed width is set to the HTML tag in the front-end theme, the width is applied to the page editor and the layout is broken - PITS
    • Page Editor / Images Widget: Inserted link to image contains the name of the web site (static link instead of dynamic) and sometimes renders the sfref attribute.
    • Widgets> Content Block: Edit a hyper link in Chrome 11 – the result link’s html code is duplicated - PITS
    • Widgets> Download list:  Selecting  to sort items as they appear in the album library is not applied – PITS
    • Widgets> Navigation: In ‘Horizontal with tabs’ mode, hovering off of the navigation doesn’t remove the most recent hover state – PITS
    • Widgets> Events: In Edit mode clicking on ‘Narrow selection’, 'Selection of events' by Categories and then on ‘Select’,  results in error when the user starts typing the category – PITS
    • Widgets> RSS: If you add html tags in RSS widget ‘Text to display’ property it is not encoded and is rendered as HTML
    • Widget Templates: Editing a widget template strips the JavaScript
    • Widget Templates> Navigation: When using <navcontrols:SiteMapNavigationMenu> control for custom navigation templates, user should add a JavaScript which is inline in the NavigationControl.ascx


    • Inserting image or file in content, inserts an absolute path to the file in the HTML
    • Underscore and ~ are allowed in the additional URLs for content – PITS
    • Classifications: Adding a custom classification to Content (News) and disabling multiple selection for the classification in the backend, results in error when editing content – PITS
    • Classifications: Filter by tags and categories displays incorrect count  - PITS
    • Images: Setting the caching of Image Album to be different from the default doesn’t apply the change – PITS
    • Images, Videos, Documents and Files: Cancelling the upload results in corrupted files w/o proper notification to the user – PITS
    • Images, Videos, Documents and Files: ‘Move to another library’ dialog has unnecessary scroll and thumbnails without source are shown in the Backend
    • Custom Fields: Creating a field with custom interface widget for entering data throws an error
    • News: Creating news item with ellipsis breaks the details link to this news item
    • Lists: Using a special symbol in the title of a List item results in error upon save – PITS
    • Lists> IE8: List doesn’t display correctly when in Expandable list mode – PITS
    • Forms: Very long responses cannot be read in the module’s backend UI
    • Forms: Exported excel files contain text that is not always user friendly
    • Documents: Tag added to a document through the API does not get reflected in the backend

    Email Campaigns

    • Campaigns: When creating a Campaign in Rich text format, selecting 'Manually enter plain text version' doesn’t display a text area – PITS
    • Campaigns: When creating a Campaign and selecting a template, the incorrect template is displayed – PITS
    • Campaigns: If there is a Campaign associated to a Mailing List, deleting all Subscribers in the list results in error when accessing section Campaigns – PITS
    • Campaigns: Images inserted in a Campaign in Rich text format are not displayed properly in the resulting message – PITS
    • Campaigns> IE8: Campaign is sent but remains with status Draft – PITS
    • Campaigns: Creating a Campaign of type ‘Like a web page’ and clicking on ‘Done’, doesn’t save the  template name and selection
    • Message Templates: Editing a Message Template of type ‘Like a web page’ and adding and removing a layout elements results in error
    • Message Templates: Preview message template like a web page in multilingual mode results in 404 - Not Found error
    • Campaigns widget:  'Click edit and select mailing list' text is shown when nothing is set


    • Security improvements
    • Payment methods: Entering an URL without ‘http://’ causes checkout failure. Verification was added
    • Checkout: User cannot go through checkout when Offline Payment method is set
    • Checkout: the input fields for the Credit Card number and security code have autocomplete disabled
    • Checkout: Widgets related to checkout have JavaScript issues
    • Order Info: Clicking the ‘Back to Orders’ button does not reload the Orders page properly
    • Customer Info: Clicking the "Back to Customers" button does not reload the Customer page properly.
    • Shipping method: Section doesn’t display the correct currency symbol when working with a price
    • Orders: Clicking on 'View order details'/Print invoice links causes an exception if product is deleted
    • Departments Widgets: Browsing page causes 'Value cannot be null.' error after department value has been deleted
    • Products: Filter Products by Type is not working
    • Other small fixes


    • Backend Localization in Small Business Edition cannot be used
    • Firefox 6: Editing Content and Pages in Backend results in errors
    • Performance: Optimized the number of database queries performed by the List Widget
    • Users: Paging in the Users list does not work properly
    • Search: Indexing speed performance optimizations and exposing internal methods for extensibility
    • Search: Re-indexing fails if there are ScriptManager and RadWindow in the .master template
    • Search: Search do not work with redirect pages - PITS
    • Search: Deleting page from the web site does not remove the page from the index
    • Themes: Applying a new backend theme causes errors when accessing Sitefinity backend
    • Backend pages are not working properly if you have LowerCase URL Rewrite and Remove Trailing Slashes settings in IIS – PITS
    • Custom layout controls inheriting LayoutControl do not work correctly in the frontend – PITS
    • Workflow: Items in Awaiting approval/Awaiting publishing state can be opened in Edit mode
    • Settings> Appearance:  When MinimalEditorConfiguration is set to the path of a tools file in the website, the HtmlField does not resolve the file properly – PITS
    • Publishing: Content inbound pipe cannot provide more than 25 items
    • Publishing: Blog feeds do not have item links
    • Publishing: Images are not displayed in the RSS viewed in Chrome browser
    • Analytics: 'First Time setup and Configuration' form fields are inaccessible in some cases due to missing vertical scrollbars
    • More actions menu: Renamed menu option "Schedule Publish/Unpublish" to "Publish/Unpublish on Specific date"
    • Error Logging: Incorrect logging to Migration.log file instead of Trace.log
    • Extensibility: Adding a module configuration (with OnApplicationStart startup type) missing its Type property causes Sitefinity to crash on startup.
    • Migration module: Migration of pages fails when executed 2 times sequentially
    • Migration module: Images are not imported from all providers in 3.7
    • Migration module: Images attributes are not preserved (alt, custom sizes)
    • Migration module: Library size limitations are not migrated properly.
    • Migration module: Comments creation date is wrong.
    • Migration module: Visibility of migrated comments is not persisted


    • Content: Disabling option "Allow multiple URLs for this item..." is not applied – PITS
    • Images, Videos, Documents and Files: Uploading files in the non-default language always saves them with status Draft
    • Widgets> Language Selector: When the URL contains query string parameter, changing the language through the widget makes a redirect to the original URL for the selected culture – PITS
    • Languages List: Selected languages to be added are cleared when searching for another language

    We would like to thank you in advance for all the feedback you might have.

    Best wishes, 
    Sitefinity team

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