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Sitefinity 4.3 Released

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    03 Nov 2011
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    Hello all,

    We are proud to announce that Sitefinity 4.3 is now available for download from your accounts. The release brings important performance optimization, new features and fixes. Detailed list of changes:

    What’s New

    Performance Optimizations

    • Front End: Reduced database queries with 40%
    • Backend: Reduced database queries with 45%
    • Page Load: Reduced page loading times by about 10% for regular CMS pages
    • CPU times: Reduced CPU times by about 25%


    • Products: Added multilingual support for product titles and descriptions
    • Taxes: Reworked taxes to offer greater flexibility
    • Taxes: Added new tax settings for displaying taxes on the site
    • Taxes: Added Tax Classifications
    • Department Widget: New widget in two modes - horizontal menu with dropdowns and vertical  list
    • Department Widget: Added sorting - alphabetically or by department order defined by the user
    • Order Receipt Widget:  New widget showing on checkout confirmation page
    • Checkout: Added email to merchant
    • Checkout: Email to customer is template driven
    • Checkout: Added Google Conversion Tracking
    • Checkout: Added UPS real-time rates
    • Checkout: User’s shipping and billing information is populated from their Sitefinity profile if they do not have a customer profile yet
    • Checkout: Added “Change info” links when reviewing the order
    • Checkout: Countries on checkout page are driven by the configuration settings
    • Checkout: Added option to redirect the last page to a confirmation page
    • Coupons: Implemented coupons in the shopping cart.  The same criteria as for discounts apply.
    • Shopping Cart: Added coupon entry at shopping cart and payment page of checkout
    • Shopping Cart: Merchant can set the “Add to Cart” to redirect to the shopping cart page
    • Payment Providers: New Payment Provider Model allows developers to implement multiple payment processors
    • Payment Providers: Added SagePay Direct Sale method implementation
    • Payment Providers: Added PayFlow Pro Authorize, Authorize & Capture transactions
    • Payment Providers: Added Authorize.NET Authorize, Authorize & Capture transactions
    • Payment Providers: Added option for merchant to offer 12 credit cards

    Email Campaigns

    • Navigation: Email Campaigns is a separated in a new section of the Backend Menu
    • Message Templates: Improved editing process by splitting it in two steps – create and edit
    • Subscribers: Added option to import subscribers
    • Subscribers: Added ability to see subscribers included in a mailing list
    • Search: Added options to search in list of subscribers, and mailing lists
    • Mailing Lists: Enabled option to import subscribers in multiple mailing lists
    • Mailing Lists: Added ability to see in which campaign a mailing list is used


    • Image Widget: Added advanced image editing with options to crop, resize, and rotate images
    • Blog List Widget: New widget which displays navigation links to blogs created on a site
    • Facebook Like Widget: New widget used to add a Facebook Like Button to a Sitefinity page
    • Facebook Feed Widget: New widget used to add a Facebook Feed  to a Sitefinity page

    Migration Module 3.7 to 4.x

    • Finalized migration of all Content - Libraries, News, Events, Lists, and Generic Content
    • Finalized migration of content data - custom fields, URLs, and other meta data
    • Added support for migration of URLs with non ASCII characters
    • Added migration of Categories and their original hierarchy
    • Added migration of Tags and their association to content
    • Added authentication in the Migration service for SF 3.7  
    • Added a setting to migrate page URLs as either default or additional URLs
    • Added option to set the Migration options in Project Manager “Actions” menu  in Sitefinity 4



    • Content Blocks: Added Tags and Categories

    Developer Tools

    • Upgraded RadConrols for AJAX to build 2011.2.915
    • Upgraded RadControls for Silverlight to build 2011.2 920
    • Upgraded jQuery to version 1.6.3

    What’s Fixed


    • Shipping Methods: When changing the default currency the main grid view Price column does not update
    • Shopping Cart: Shopping cart summary doesn’t update product's price
    • Discounts: Maximum subtotal cannot to be blank field
    • Products: Clicking the "View original size" button from the Actions menu does not display a full size image
    • Coupon Codes: Customer can enter more than one Coupon Code per Order
    • Orders: The "Registered" label in the customer details view shows when customer is an anonymous user
    • Orders: Next order number increases on every attempt instead of on every order
    • Orders: Discounts with an end date in the past show as active
    • Orders: Order information of anonymous user is not shown in the backend – Public
      • Orders: Registered user viewing an order sees the order of the previous customer – Public
      • Orders: Customer name is not displayed in backend when the order is made by anonymous user – Public
      • Orders: Customer list doesn't refresh on clicking back to customers link – Public
      • Orders list widget: Offline payment methods for orders display as “Undefined”  in the widget
      • Orders invoice widget: Deleting a Product after it’s been ordered causes an error in the widget
      • Checkout: In step 2 of checkout the tax and total field lose formatting when shipping option is selected – Public
      • Check Out: Assigning a customer to a role and deleting the role results in error during checkout– Public

    Email Campaigns

    • Campaigns: After creating the first campaign, user sees "there are no campaigns" and "campaign successfully created" messages at the same time (Ticket#440071)
    • Campaigns: Attempt to send a campaign with missing mailing list or invalid subscriber emails causes an error
    • Campaigns: Campaign creation fails  with errors occasionally under IE and Chrome
    • Message Templates:  Using the Image Widget in message templates results in broken image references in the sent emails – Public
    • Message Templates: Editing the template in IE causes styling issues
    • Message Templates: When using the option “Like a web page”, users cannot change the base template
    • Subscribers: Subscriber report does not have a back button for navigation purposes (Ticket#432330)
    • Statistics: Incorrect value is displayed for messages sent so far
    • Statistics: The number of Total messages is not equal to the sum of Opened + Unopened sent messages
    • Statistics: The amount of subscribers in a particular mailing list is not updated correctly
    • Settings: The test email has a hardcoded sender which causes errors in some SMTP servers
    • Settings: Using SMTP server port outside the range of 0 – 1023 results in validation error

    Migration Module 3.7 to 4.x

    • Images: Problem with image upload results in generic GDI error and exception
    • URLs: Issues with transfer of additional URLs and redirects to the default
    • Metadata: Problems with migrating DateTime values
    • Templates: Migrated templates are with incorrect status
    • Users, Profiles: When first/last name is not available,  profiles are not migrated properly
    • Transactions errors during migration


    • Pages> RSS Widget: Missing option to specify no text in the widget – Public
    • Styling: On 1024x768 screen resolutions some action elements and buttons cannot be clicked. Horizontal scroll was added - Public
    • Images: Thumbnails are not cached for files with size greater than the max cache items size
    • Multilingual: Search doesn’t work in Italian language
    • Multilingual> Document & Files, Images – Uploading and publishing file to the non default language breaks the grid in the backend
    • Threading: Race condition in PermissionAttribute constructor causes IndexOutOfRangeException (Ticket#440071)

    Known Issues

    • Pages, Content: When a content is locked for editing by a user, other users get error “Row not found…” upon accessing it
    • Images: Image inserted in a Content Block does not invalidate the browser cache 
    • Videos: Embed this video feature doesn’t show the correct URL to embed
    • Ecommerce: In multilingual mode, the tax is not applied to  a product in language other than the default
    • Ecommerce: In multilingual, when UPS shipping is set, checkout results in error
    • Facebook Like Widget: Different display in page edit and page view modes
    • MySQL: Multilingual is not supported
    • Oracle: Ecommerce module is not supported

    For a list of issues tracked publicly see this link

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