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Sitefinity 6.1 SP1 Released

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    12 Aug 2013
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    What's New

    • Added option to move a library in the hierarchy - from root to child level, and from child to root level. When moved, all library content adopts the setting (permissions, storage) of the new parent.
    • Added ability to import Twitter tweets to Sitefinity and display them on a Page using a Twitter Widget
    • Added option to replace shared content block with another shared content block

    What's Fixed


    • Content: Categories are not preselected in category picker when editing content (PITS)
    • Forums: When requesting a non existing thread forums widget doesn't return 404 error page (PITS)
    • Images: Image wiget adds invalid html to the image tag (PITS)
    • Email Campaigns: Unable to upload more than 300 000 subscribers
    • Dynamic content: Draft content item does not show in preview page (PITS)
    • Dynamic content: Sorting dynamic content items in the back-end grid is not working
    • Login: When "Remember me" button is unchecked in the back-end "log in" form the user is still kept logged in (PITS)
    • Login: Users are redirected to the login page when attempting to access a public page after they have been logged out from another browser (PITS)
    • Feeds:Twitter outbound pipe is broken because of changes in Twitter API
    • MVC widgets: Properties of MVC widgets are not persisted after you revert to older page version or duplicate the widget (PITS)
    • MVC widgets: Duplicating widgets results in "sequence contains no element" (PITS)
    • Page Templates> Layout element:  Incorrect size of columns if you add wrapper class that has padding
    • Page Templates> Layout element: Layout controls do not expand to the width of their parent elements (PITS)
    • Responsive design: the redirect option always redirects to the default language of the website (PITS)
    • Responsive design>Drop-down menu: If page levels are limited, pages with children cannot be selected
    • Search: "Breadcrumb is visible when you are on a particular page." message in search result (PITS)
    • Search: When searching for pages in Sitefinity back-end opening and closing the search field in the toolbar causes all pages to be expanded (PITS)
    • DAM: Content blocks do not have versioning
    • DAM: Version notes for media items were not saved and loaded correctly for some items
    • DAM:  WebAPI requests were captured by DAM for routes not related to the DAM module
    • Multilingual: Adding split translation to a page of a newly added language creates the translated version on root level (PITS)
    • Multilingual: Delete library shows "Delete translations" message. Should show "Delete item" message
    • Multisite: When using sub-folders, if access to the default site is denied, other sites cannot be accessed
    • Workflow: Waiting for approval should not be a filtering option when Workflow is not active (PITS)
    • Azure: Error on upgrade from 6.0 to 6.1: Tables without a clustered index are not supported
    • Security: SSL now can be configured to work with non-default ports (PITS)

    Image Thumbnails

    • Image gallery widget: when the checkbox 'Show links to the previous and the next image as...' is used, previous/next thumbnails are only from the default profile
    • Image gallery widget: When displaying images from specific library only thumbnail profiles from the chosen library should be listed
    • Old thumbnails are not removed from the database after regeneration on upgraded project
    • Image widget on published page shows custom thumbnails instead of the original image


    • Product files and documents: Unpublished file is still visible on front-end
    • Product List Widget: Unpublished items are displayed in products picker
    • Shopping Cart: Sale Price of already added product is updated
    • Total summary items is not updated after product has been removed
    • Multisite: Create pagination for products result in YSOD 'Cannot convert null to a value type. '
    • Products list filter search is not functioning
    • Products are not listed in tags "Applied to" section

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