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Sitefinity and Editing area problems

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  1. Andrew
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    05 Jun 2009
    13 Sep 2012
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    I have been using a master page for my templates.
    The master page and style approach i took was a bunch of divs that i simply float left or right wherever i need them.

    It all works fine in the site itself. But when trying to edit the content the areas overlap each other. It's completely unusable. I have to set it back to no style to get my divs in one column. Then i add content and put it back in it's style.

    That just won't work for when i am done and the editors take over, it's too complex.
    Sitefinity prouds itself at being easy to edit, but how can it be if the editing area is unusable.

    If i create my template with the build in layout creator, this does not happen, at least not until i add my own style to it.

    Also, when trying to edit using chrome or firefox even the layout created inside sitefinity are all wrong. Each area is very long, and you have to scroll down via lots of empty space to find the content block you are looking for.

    Is anyone else experiencing this? and how did you solve this? Or find a workaround that was acceptable to your client.
  2. MB
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    09 Jan 2005
    13 Sep 2012
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    Yes, I have this issue a lot... when there are multiple widgets very close to each other on the page, it's often difficult or impossible to select them without resorting to disabling the theme on the template being used... not something I'm happy to have my admins do.

    Part of the issue is the control docking/edit wrappers that introduce their own in-line styles and visual elements, throwing the page totally out of it's original presentation... but of course, to some extent this is necessary to allow access to the docking zones, so you can drag/drop widgets.

    I have suggested in the past that perhaps there could be a mode switch for the page editor (similar to V3) where the page is presented in true layout, and the edit functions for a control only displayed when you mouse-over a widget.

    You could then switch back and forth between modes, depending on which allowed best access to what you needed to edit on the page.

    Of course, I have absolutely no idea if any of that is practical... or even sensible... (probably not... LOL) but it sure is a hassle at times.
  3. Boyan Barnev
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    30 Oct 2017
    28 Jan 2013
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    Hi Mike and Andrew,

    I'm sorry to hear about your experience with the way your styles have been applied in the backend.

    We appreciate you sharing this feedback with us, and would like to review this behavior, so we can give you the best advice in this case, or verify if's not caused by some internal issue.

    To help us establish the above, would it be possible to present us with the masterpage files you've been using, so we can replicate the behavior locally and study it further?

    Thnak you in advance for the kind cooperation!

    Boyan Barnev
    the Telerik team
3 posts, 0 answered