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Sitefinity and RSS for mobile app

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  1. James
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    22 May 2012
    31 May 2012
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    Alright guys, good morning...hope everyone's having a great week so far! I however, am way beyond my capabilities currently...and was hoping someone can provide me with some guidance/direction as to how to accomplish what I am trying to do. 

    First off, as always, I am more familiar with Site Finity than my last post...but not by much :P 

    The moral of the story: 

    I am currently trying to tackle what seems like a mountain of a project for myself, but what will likely be simple as pie for someone else. 

    We have a customer who has a dog rescue, and a website in which the available dogs are listed. Added/removed frequently. The task I have is to create a mobile web app that will allow users on all platforms (iOS, Android, Blackberry etc...) to view the dogs available, see some images of them, and the little biography bit about them. As seen here:

    The problem(s) I am encountering are as follows:

    1 ) The RSS feed only links to one page, for all of the dogs. No matter how I configure the feed, it's messed up. 

    2 ) We need thumbnail images of each dog to display on the RSS feed and I have no idea how to go about that as I am unsure of how Site Finity handles new content. 

    If this were just an ASP.NET page I'd be able to tap into the database, create some procs and call it a day. Being that site finity likes to tuck things away and keep them from me....I have no idea how to best go about doing this and was hoping that someone here can help. 

    Forgive me if I'm not being clear, here's the TL;DR version:

    I am making a web app that uses an rss reader to pull the content of available dogs for our customer, and am having very little success. Links in the reader don't go where they should, and I'm really starting to hate site finity. All this pretty UI stuff is great, but I want all my pretty code back. 

    Here's an example of what I am talking about:

    Click on any of the links and it brings you to some random page, which is usually the same for every link. I have no idea how that got there. I also need the ability to pull the images associated with each dog, as well as the data and compress it into an RSS feed. 

    I hope I wasn't jumping around too much, I have a tendency of doing that when I am confused/stressed about a project I am working on which is clearly over my level of understanding...but thats how I learn! 

    Thanks guys.

  2. Kristian
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    03 Jun 2010
    01 Jun 2012
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    How are you creating your feed?
    Are you manually creating a feed or using the built in feature under /Sitefinity/Administration/Feeds

    To me it looks like your using some feed for the images library (sf-images). Then it's navigate to it's default page, Then on your page you have the matching control and the routing engine should display the correct image/dog.
    However i don't think you can create an rss of images with the tools sitefinity provides

    This can work easily with the Blog module that comes with Sitefinity. Create a blog, put the blog control on a page, and then create your rss feed for that. You say you will add/remove items frequently so you can just unpublish/publish items.

    If you want some more flexibility you can use the module builder, but your only on SF 4.1. Then you can create your module and use a service for it e.g /Sitefinity/Services/DynamicModules/Data.svc/?itemType=Telerik.Sitefinity.DynamicTypes.Model.Dogs.NewArrival
2 posts, 0 answered