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Sitefinity Small Business Edition

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  1. Matthew
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    30 Sep 2010
    25 Jan 2011
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    We have a client that is interested in purchasing the Small Bus. Ed of Sitefinity. I noticed that it says it has a limit of 1000 'content' items. Does this just mean pictures/pages/documents/audio files/ etc?

    This client has a large number of pictures and we were wondering whether this will be the way to go or not. 

    Also, what is the limit on the community ed?

  2. Phill Hodgkinson
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    10 Nov 2004
    25 Jan 2011
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    Hey Matthew,

    Here's the link for the version comparison chart.

    In the left column, you'll see "content items" and next to it a small question mark, click on that and you'll get a pop up with your answer, which is that images count towards a "content item". That said, if they had 10,000 images in an /images/ folder off the root and not stored in the system I'm pretty sure that Sitefinity doesn't track these. The issue there of course is that there's no easy way to then access images in the file system as the "insert image" button in the editor doesn't support file system images (i'm now thinking this was their real reason for dropping this feature, if they can't control # of images they can't charge more $) and you also can't work with image albums etc in the backend. So if you were to store images in the file system your users would have to know html and how to manually insert image markup that pointed to the images folder (or you could write some custom code...).

    Hope that helps.
  3. Anton Hristov
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    15 Dec 2009
    28 Jan 2011
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    Hi Matthew & Phill,

    Images are counted towards the 1000 content item limitation in the Small Business edition. This means that every image that can be managed through Sitefinity is counted. Those images are available within the Images module. Currently, all images within the Images module are stored in the database. We are yet to plan and schedule a release date for a file system provider for the Images. Regardless whether Sitefinity store images in a database or a file system, those images that are managed through Sitefinity will be counted towards to content limitation of the Small Business edition.

    If a Small Business edition website reaches its content limitation of 50 pages and 1000 content items over time, it is very easy to upgrade the website to the Standard Edition that has no content limitations. The upgrade process will not affect the website nor any customizations made to Sitefinity.

    The Community Edition cannot be used for commercial projects therefore, I won't comment on its limitations because they are irrelevant for the question at hand.
  4. Jason Rayner
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    13 Apr 2005
    09 Mar 2011
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    Hi Anton,

    I have two issues with Sitefinity 4 at this point.

    The first issue is the development prohibitive license model which effectively forces an upgrade from a $500 version to a $2000 version when the licensee doesn't require any single additional feature provided by the $2000 edition. This acts as a tax on content and for end users (my clients) who are creative enough to handle their content in an efficient manner they may not ever reach the 1000 item limit where those who don't pay attention could quickly run out of content space. We've already developed a module for our clients to run photo galleries from Flickr sets rather than uploading to the image store in Sitefinity for that purpose.

    The second issue I have is the storage of images and documents in the database. I don't know where your other clients host, but the hosting providers we work with charge a premium for database space yet space on the file system is dirt cheap.

    I am currently committed to wrapping up three website projects using Sitefinity and have enjoyed working with Sitefinity and Telerik products for years. But if these two issues noted above do not change I will not be able to continue selling Sitefinity to my clients.


    Jason Rayner
  5. Stanislav
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    05 Jun 2017
    10 Mar 2011
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    Hi Jason,

    Our current licensing model is a result of a long research process we've been conducting together with our customers. As you hopefully understand, we had to set some limitations to our Small Business license. However, we still think that 1000 content items are abundant enough for a Small Business website. Anyhow, we value your opinion and we are thankful for your feedback.

    As for your second question about the storage of images in the database, we're planning to have a file storage provider around the end of the summer this year. Details will be announced in our public roadmap.

    Stanislav Padarev
    the Telerik team
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