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Sitefinity Website Changes...where is half the stuff?

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  1. Tahir
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    02 Jul 2012
    13 Oct 2012
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    Not sure if this is the right place for it but I am having issues getting around the Telerik Sitefinity product site now.

    It's obvious a number of changes are taking place visually which is great however I can't find stuff like the Documentation or this Forum, I had to go google a link!  The links are simply not there on the Sitefinity pages or the Resources page (where I would expect them to be previously).

    Also the SDK Browser doesn't work properly, getting a 404 error on start up.

    And finally Licensing...I can't find the licensing page I can't download the license file and hence can't install the SDK samples...
  2. TMatt
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    06 Feb 2011
    14 Oct 2012 in reply to Tahir
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    Bad Bad!!!!

    The site works only when tracking is allowed. Bad example of of website
  3. Amanda Shafer
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    12 Oct 2012
    15 Oct 2012 in reply to Tahir
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    There's a link next to the search bar, on the left, that says Developer Network. That's the only way I've found to get to the forums. Haven't found anything on the traditional navigation bar.
  4. Craig
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    07 Apr 2009
    15 Oct 2012
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    I have noticed some similar issues across and I hope they are fixed soon.  Below are the issues I have encountered.

    First, I have one community license that I use for a blog site and I cannot find anywhere where this displays in my account settings.  The only reason I even noticed it was because a friend said he was having an issue with community license an did not know where to go and set the domain name.

    Second, I have set my avatar on my profile to pull my gravatar.  Some pages seem to show my avatar from my profile and others do not show it at all such as the forums pages.  This is minor but annoying.

    Third, there seems to be no search that is specific to the forums on Sitefinity devnet.  The old site had this but this is a MUST on the NEW if it is to stay successful.  I did find a short term workaround for this search issue below, but if Telerik is listening, please get this fixed right away.


    Here is way to get around this issue for the time being.  Just go to and enter 

    site:<domain-name><path> <search-query>

    As an example, to search the devnet forums just do the following in a Google search box. "test search"

    I have also provided a link below that shows this example.

  5. Donna Stewart
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    28 Apr 2009
    30 Oct 2012 in reply to Craig
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    I wholeheartedly agree with your third issue!  I hate that you cannot search a specific forum now!  Telerik, please fix this on all of your sites!
5 posts, 0 answered