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Stop the spam in Forum

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  1. TMatt
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    06 Feb 2011
    18 Mar 2012
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    Sitefinity Guys . Any ideas how to stop the spam in your forums.
    Maybee we have the same problem with new Forums Modul in 5.0?
  2. Markus
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    2763 posts
    25 Nov 2005
    19 Mar 2012
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    I used to report spam with support ticket because the spam post somehow seemd to stand longer then needed. My feature request was of course a report spam button, making it more convenient for us to report spam.

  3. TMatt
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    104 posts
    06 Feb 2011
    19 Mar 2012
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    I think its more a technical and design question.

    For example.
    Use Captcha for new registration. First way to stop machine based spamers.
    Second -- New Users must be confirmed every new post via Captcha.
    Third --- Mark as Spam options -- When a Post get n numbers of Spam Klicks the Post must be gone into Approval Folder for Site Admins.
  4. RickC
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    23 Apr 2003
    20 Mar 2012
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    As Telerik develops the Forums in future versions they will need to add a rule-based approach to manage spam from the backend. This is especially important for Community-based sites. We've seen an increase in spam on the Telerik Forums recently but still not huge, in part because these are primarily tech support forums and not as attractive for spammers. Also the Telerik Forum users (in this case us), as Web Developers we are much more forgiving about this than the average site user will be in seeing spam.

     I also run Telligent Community (a Sitefinity competitor) on one of my sites. I hope that the Telerik staff don't take offense, but one of the reasons that I use Telligent is that they have a much more sophisticated backend for managing users and spam. This includes being able to set a general spam point scores for Forums, Blog Comments, etc. When something is over the spam point score it is marked as spam and not visible. Then spam postings can be reviewed by the Administrator and the User Profile can be banned for a period of time as well as deleted all from an integrated backend. Behind the general spam score are a series of rules all which are user configurable.

    Known Spam Terms
    Spam often times uses common terms such as 'viagra', those words can be managed here

    User Account Age
    Gives points based how recently a user's account was created

    User Account Status
    Add or subtract points based on whether poster is anonymous or a registered user.

    User Creation IP Frequency
    Determines if the user being created is coming from an IP address that is repeatedly creating users.

    Status Message Duplicates
    Detects recent duplicate status messages and replies

    Status Message Flood
    Measures how many status messages a user has recently created.

    Comment Length
    Requires comments meet a certain minimum length

    IP Address Frequency
    Used to determine if a given IP address attempts to make repeated posts

    Emails in Comments
    Looks for regex matches in the blog comment body and assigns points if they are found.

    Forbidden Word
    This rule will check the subject, body, username, trackback name, and title url if available.

    Recent Duplicate Spam Rule
    This rule will check for duplicate username, body, trackback name, and title url in recent comments.

    This rule will check for regex matches in the subject, body, username, trackback name, and title url if available.

    Links in Comments
    Based on number of links (web addresses) in the post.

  5. Jen Peleva
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    568 posts
    10 Nov 2016
    22 Mar 2012
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    Hello Tobias,

    Thank you for your valuable feedback. I've logged it as a feature request and our developers team will take into consideration your suggestions. 

    Kind regards,
    Jen Peleva
    the Telerik team
    Do you want to have your say in the Sitefinity development roadmap? Do you want to know when a feature you requested is added or when a bug fixed? Explore the Telerik Public Issue Tracking system and vote to affect the priority of the items
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