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Team Foundation Server - Auto deployment issues

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  1. Dave
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    05 Nov 2012
    06 Dec 2012
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    I read this thread:

    We are having problems allowing multiple developers to develop in their local sandboxes and not have their configuration files stomp all over each other on check-in. We have our tfs setup to allow us to publish to DEV from tfs. The only code that gets into DEV is from a published build out of TFS (not a local dev machine). 
    Our layout is like this: 
    we have a (local dev env) -> dev -> test -> prod 

    Our problem is this: Developer A make changes to things like the 'news item templates' and it generates a bunch of config files. Developer B makes changes and it generates/modifies the same config files. Our problem is: how do we track changes over time on the config files? Should we just not do it? Because it is causing all sorts of headaches. 

    A better question I guess is...  What is the Telerik Procedure for having multiple developers work on a Sitefinity site at the same time? Do you guys each pull your own source down from source control and have separate database/configs? Or do you all share database/configs? 
  2. Stanislav Velikov
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    18 Sep 2017
    11 Dec 2012
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    The approach I reccomend is to get the latest config files locally and then merge the latest changes to those file in TFS.

    Sitefintiy can also store config files in the database, however this is only available fully on newly created projects. When configuring database storage for a project where the configs are already in the file system newly created configs will be written in the database.

    Fully moving the configs to the database is not supported,
    e. We have not tested this, you could try migrating the configurations manually. However, you might need to keep the SecurityConfig.config and DataConfig.config in your file system.
    You should make a backup of your project and database before trying this. Change the project to use database configurations and try migrating the rest of the configurations using the following script:
    -- Change the DB name and schema!
    INSERT INTO [sitefinitysaas].[dbo].[sf_xml_config_items] (
        [id], [app_name], [path], last_modified, dta
    ) VALUES (
        newid(), '/', 'WorkflowConfig.config', getdate(),
        '<workflowConfig useExternalEndpointOnWindowsAzure="True" />'

    The values are:
    - id - A random Guid.
    - app_name - The name of your application.
    - path - The name of your configuration file.
    - last_modified
    - dta - The data in your configuration. You could copy the xml from the file and paste it here.

    All the best,
    Stanislav Velikov
    the Telerik team
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2 posts, 1 answered