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The positive side of the new Pricing

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  1. Jason
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    23 Jun 2006
    16 Nov 2010
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    On the negative side, yes the forums may be less active. I have learned working on large eComm projects that the large eComm platforms that are very expensive, the support all comes from the company. I do love the smaller companies that sell eComm packages, due to the many many active forum users.

    However, I did just realize one thing about SF new pricing that is good. Everyone knows the more a customer is willing to pay, the more they value their developers, and therefore the more they treat you well and respect your opinions. I have always made it a point to consult to higher end customers, who know the value of a good developer (with the exception of some non-profit work I've done in the arts community, etc).

    With that being said, as SF positions themselves as a high end CMS, anyone that has years experience with SF should certainly ride the wave up. As SF moves to a higher clientelle, so will you. And if they succeed in that market, your skills will now be much more valuable.

    So, if this is the new way SF is going, perhaps I will adapt my thinking to someone that is an authority on a product to companies that can afford it, rather than a reseller of low end CMS systems.

    Just a happy thought to begin everyone's Tuesday......
  2. Daniel Plomp
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    18 Feb 2004
    16 Nov 2010
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    Hi Jason,

    Good point!
    I also have this experience. I even have a customer that looked at the feature list and is very enthusiastic. This customer does not take open source CMS systems and cheap CMS systems for serious. He just doesn't believe in this? 

    How about that? :)
    Well, always good to compare ALL systems, but hey... I will not argu with him.

2 posts, 0 answered