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Way to implement generic content based module

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  1. Robert
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    05 Feb 2009
    26 Oct 2010
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    I'm trying to create generic content based module, which should inherit most of its functionality (categories, tags) from generic content and ideally should look as native Sitefinity module (UI backend).

    I saw Jobs sample module which uses it's own ascx template for backend. On the other side there are classes in each native module like (e.g. for Forms) FormsManager, FormsModule, FormsResources etc. which extend ContentModuleBase, ManagerBase.. etc and which use embedded templates and controls.

    I'm just wondering, can I reuse embedded resources (controls, templates) for my module so it will look similiar to native module or will it be too much coding? I'm not sure how are those components coupled together..



  2. Ivan Dimitrov
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    12 Sep 2017
    26 Oct 2010
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    Hi Robert,

    There is a method InstallPages that you can override and set the template that your backend pages will use

    protected override void InstallPages(SiteInitializer initializer)
                var pageManager = initializer.PageManager;
                var moduleNode = pageManager.GetPageNode(SiteInitializer.ModulesNodeId);
                var id = ModulePageGroupId;
                if (modulePageGroup == null)
                    modulePageGroup = initializer.CreatePageNode(ModulePageGroupId, moduleNode);
                    modulePageGroup.Name = "CustomModule";
                    modulePageGroup.ShowInNavigation = true;
                id = this.LandingPageId;
                var landingPage = pageManager.GetPageNodes().SingleOrDefault(p => p.Id == id);
                if (landingPage == null)
                    var pageInfo = new PageElement()
                        PageId = this.LandingPageId,
                        Name = "CustomModule",
                        MenuName = "ModuleTitle",
                        UrlName = "CustomModuleUrlName",
                        Description = "CustomModuleDescription",
                        HtmlTitle = "CustomModuleHtmlTitle",
                        ResourceClassId = ResourceClassId,
                        IncludeScriptManager = true,
                        ShowInNavigation = false,
                        EnableViewState = false,
                        TemplateName = SiteInitializer.BackendTemplateName
                    var controlPanel = new BackendContentView()
                        ModuleName = CustomModule.ModuleName,
                        ControlDefinitionName = CustomModuleDefinitions.BackendDefinitionName
                    initializer.CreatePageFromConfiguration(pageInfo, modulePageGroup, controlPanel);

    We are working on a custom module that illustrates how you can inherit from a built-in module like Content and reuse its views.

    All the best,
    Ivan Dimitrov
    the Telerik team
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2 posts, 0 answered