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Happy performance news for 3.5

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  1. Ron
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    04 Aug 2008
    31 Oct 2008
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    I would like to report that the new release of 3.5 AND upgrading our site to IIS 7 and server 2008 has really decreased the load time and increased the performance speed.

    Response was taking on the average about 30 seconds for the recompile and not much better even with a keep alive pinging. This was related to exceeding a base memory load limit of 100mb. Upgrading to IIS7 and server 2008 increased the memory to 200mb. Combined with the obviously faster server 2008 has dropped the response time to less than 5 seconds with a recompile without a keep alive batch. Without the recompile the time is similar to normal html loads.

    Admin work is faster in most areas which is good news but not all the way through. FTP transfers are significantly faster accross the board for uploading to the host.

    All in all a GREAT upgrade and result.
  2. Gabe Sumner
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    09 Sep 2007
    31 Oct 2008
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    Hi Ron,

    That's really great to hear!  I'm looking forward to upgrading my own web site to 3.5 as well.  It's great to hear you're seeing improvements!

    Gabe Sumner

  3. Mark
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    20 Feb 2008
    03 Nov 2008
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    I have to agree with the improvements mentioned.
    I'm currently moving the Webcasts I do for DiscountASP.NET to a new IIS7 server with Sitefinity and was concerned at first with version 3.2, when you login as Admin it barked if you are running in Integrated mode.
    So until this past week’s Sitefinity updates I had to run in Classic mode, but no longer. (IIS7 Integrated mode rocks!)
    The only thing that was still tripping me up after the updates was trying to get Silverlight Steaming working with Sitefinity but I finally figured out a way to do what I needed with custom user controls in VS2008. Sweet.
    Kudos to the team. ;-)
    Mark Wisecarver
    Technical Evangelist for DiscountASP.NET
  4. Georgi
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    28 Oct 2016
    03 Nov 2008
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    We are really glad that the performance is better after the upgrade of Sitefinity and the hosting plan. We are currently working on the caching mechanisms, and optimizing the admin area of the CMS so the results in the future should be even better.

    Thanks for sharing the results!

    the Telerik team

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4 posts, 0 answered